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Imavinoops Fri 17-Feb-17 02:45:41

Anyone else joyously slogging through the night with pregnancy insomnia?

Mine went away for a couple of weeks but now it's back with a vengeance.

Making the most of it though with a midnight snack grin and baby is wiggling heroically!

Be back in a sec, time to pee again. wink

(I think I've gone a bit funny you know...)

Mrsknackered Fri 17-Feb-17 02:51:16

Not there now. But I was!
The worst is people saying 'sleep whilst you can - youre gonna need it'. Yes thank you the hours I'm missing out on now are really going to matter when I've given birth.
Find a good Netflix series, refold baby clothes, whatever you can, then when you feel a bit tired get back into bed, try not to associate your bed with not sleeping. It might help.
A hot bath used to make me feel a tiny weeny bit tired.

Imavinoops Fri 17-Feb-17 03:06:57

MrsKnackered Your NN is very apt for this thread! wink

Thanks for the advice! I'll start putting it into practice and see if it makes a difference.

ANYONE suggesting that I must "make sure I'm getting my sleep in now" are getting the death stare. grin

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