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Difficulty gaining weight?

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aspascia Tue 14-Feb-17 13:42:13

Looking for some reassurance!

I've always had a fast metabolism and have been pretty much exactly the same weight since I was a teenager (I'm 158cm and usual weight is 50kg), without ever having to watch what I eat. Normally a good thing, I know!

However, now I'm feeling the pressure to gain enough weight and I'm really struggling! I'm 23+5 and still weigh only 53kg. It seems that no matter how much I eat I just can't put on the pounds. I'm counting my calories and trying to get 2300 per day, but it just seems that I (slowly) put on 3kg and have plateaued for a few weeks now. LO was within the expected ranges at my 20wk scan but I'm acutely aware that there won't be any more scans now so I can't keep track of LO's growth.

Has anyone else had the same difficulty with weight gain, and how did it turn out? Slightly freaking out atm!

arbrighton Tue 14-Feb-17 14:45:42

They measure your bump to track growth and if there are any concerns with that, will send you for a growth scan.

Sadly gaining weight is all too easy for me.

aspascia Tue 14-Feb-17 14:49:08

Thanks arbrighton. I haven't had my bump measured, haven't been weighed or anything yet. Is that normal? When do they usually start measuring your bump? This is my first so it's all new to me!

arbrighton Tue 14-Feb-17 15:32:50

Not yet for me either but am only 20 weeks- think it's from next midwife- so pretty soon for you.
I'm having to go for growth scans though, thanks to a blinking mosquito bite on hols (ZIKA risk)

chelle85 Wed 15-Feb-17 11:09:20

I got given a bump measurement graph in my pregnancy notes and it starts at 24 weeks so I assume next midwife appt after that (25 weeks 1st pregnancy or 28 weeks) that bump will be measured

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Wed 15-Feb-17 18:22:56

Weight gain is normally low in early pregnancy, don't worry! It will likely increase in the second half of the 2nd tri and in the 3rd tri will ramp up.

aspascia Thu 16-Feb-17 13:53:10

Thanks for the reassurance! I gained nothing in 1st tri but expected that. There's just this "11-16kg" guideline looming over the 2nd and 3rd, which is quite disheartening for those who struggle to gain weight! Though after speaking to my mum, she was like me then stacked it all on right at the end - maybe a genetic link there!

I'll ask my MW about weight gain and bump measurement at my appt in two weeks.

Sorry to hear about your mozzie bite arbrighton, but sure your LO will be fine! smile

arbrighton Thu 16-Feb-17 16:15:20

I'm sure they will be too but i'm annoyed with myself for not dowsing myself in DEET although normally the blighters for for DH rather than me anyway.

Hoping i can blame current weight gain on rapid boob growth...

FV45 Thu 16-Feb-17 16:22:48

Who are you feeling pressure from?

As others have said, the growth of your baby will be measured by fundal height (bump size). I would suggest you eat to your hunger rather than measure calories and maybe stop weighing?

I am very slim and have no idea how much weight I gained during preg.

There was some concern at around 30 weeks I think as my bump didn't grow according to what the charts expected between MW visits. The MW wasn't concerned (I have very good stomach muscles), but she had to refer me for a growth scan. Baby was fine.

I had 2 nearly 7lb babies. One is now over 6 foot tall.

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