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Signed off work??

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babyunicornvomit Sun 12-Feb-17 20:17:44

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and struggling. I have a stressful job in food retail as well as being a student - I do around 20 hours a week work, 10 hours uni and (should be doing) 30 hours studying. I've always been good at coping but recently am not doing so well. My job means getting up at 4.30am and working 6-11 four days a week where I am constantly on my feet running around. I'm then in uni 12-5 daily.
Basically I feel like I can't cope and it's all getting on top of me - just a few weeks off would make a massive difference.

I've only been at this job since August and my boss is a bit funny about people being off sick - even if they just take one day off she treats them really moodily and unfairly when they come back as we're permanently understaffed. Could she sack me after I come back from time off? Also is time off paid? I cant afford to not work and pay my student rent. What would I say to the doctor?

Sorry for the questions, thanks for any help

GretchenFetchem Sun 12-Feb-17 21:40:38

Any time you take off sick for pregnancy related reasons can't be counted towards your sickness total or used against you in anyway. She also can't sack you whilst pregnant as it's classed as discrimination. She doesn't however have to pay you for your time off sick unless it says your entitled to it in your contract. You'll be entitled to statutory sick pay like normal though.

If you do take any time off sick and your boss treats you unfavourably when you return, keep a record of it. Hope you feel better soon.

HN42 Sun 12-Feb-17 21:49:17

You will need to have a look at your company's sickness/leave policy in terms of whether or not you get paid. See this website for your rights on sickness absence:

Where I work there is a sickness policy which says any sickness I have relating to pregnancy does not count towards my sickness record (but if I took time off because I caught a virus that would be marked on my sickness record as not pregnancy related) You cannot help it if you are ill during pregnancy so an employer cannot use it as a reason to proceed with disciplinary action or dismissal as that would count as discrimination which is against employment law.

In terms of speaking to your doctor - be honest with them if you feel that you are physically exhausted or too stressed to work they might be able to give you a sick note if your current routine is having a negative impact on your health at the moment. Usually you can self certify for 1 week of sickness is most jobs but again you'd need to check your employers policy on that one.

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