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Random stabbing pains in second trimester

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soontobeamum1982 Fri 03-Feb-17 14:23:59

Has any experience stabbing, pulling pains in the lower abdomen. I am 14 weeks and they are really sharp. It's not round ligament pain, which I notice if I sneeze violently or cough, or sometimes if I roll over too fast at night. And it's not a cramp - it doesn't feel like it's the uterus at all, it's to the side of my small bump, below the belly button.

I thought it might be a UTI (even though I have no urinary symptoms) and went to the doctors in a hurry this morning as I was sick for the first time in three weeks, and feared a kidney infection. But there was no evidence of infection in the sample (they sent it away anyway) and my temperature was normal which suggests nothing going on in the kidneys.

Is it just stretching pains? It's so sharp it takes me by surprise, but it's been happening quite regularly (every 10 mins perhaps) for the last two days. Has anyone else had this?

Werkzallhourz Fri 03-Feb-17 16:39:51

I would call your local hospital's maternity assessment centre (or whatever helpline number is on the front of your pink notes) and go to get this checked out as soon as you can.

It is always better to get things checked out.

soontobeamum1982 Fri 03-Feb-17 17:02:04

Thanks Werkz, I will definitely call the midwives if it continues. I should have been more clear - I went straight to the GP this morning and they examined me and found no problem with abdomen or with the urine sample, and reassured me it was just likely everything moving around and growing. I just wondered if anyone else had this around this time?

HellsBellsK Fri 03-Feb-17 17:14:44

I have it soon but I am only 10 weeks. Like you if I move to fast in bed, or cough etc I get them. The go as soon as they come though but definitely stop and notice them - its like a sharp stabbing pain.
I asked the consultant and she just said its okay and normal for some people. Got a scan that day and baby was okay and also had one yesterday and looked good also.

But if you are worried ring your midwife to put your mind at ease x

harleysmammy Fri 03-Feb-17 17:34:10

I had this most of my second trimester, especially back at like 12 - 15 weeks. Everyone told me it was rlp but i knew it wasnt, it was like a stabbing stitch pain, i actually had it again this morning at 27 weeks. It was stretching pains but not round ligament pain, it was under my bump to side and it was everything else stretching not just the round ligament. I thought it felt like uti pains too, but everything was and is okaysmile i learnt from all the doctors and midwives ive seen and all the googling i did in early first trimester that cramping is normal, unless its with red bloodsmile x

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