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Early scan should be 7 weeks.... only showed 4-5

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Hanban16 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:52:24


After 4 mcs and a ectopic, naturally we were petrified any way. After our early scan 2 days ago and only showing 4-5 weeks I was wondering if any one has come back from this with a happy ending? Finding it hard to feel positive?

Thanks xx

HandbagFan Thu 02-Feb-17 05:54:21

Yup. I went thinking I was 8 weeks and it showed a 5 week fetus. My LMP date was 18 days before the EDD they gave me at the 12 weeks scan, and even then DS came 15 days late. I'd always had 28 day cycles but clearly not the one time I got pregnant!

TipBoov Thu 02-Feb-17 12:42:48

Yes - happened to me and I was 100% sure of dates as I'd had IVF. Each scan she caught up a little bit more although was always measuring a little small for gestational age. I was worried but she was normal size/weight at birth (7lb)

Hanban16 Thu 02-Feb-17 13:12:00

Thank you ladies! Fingers crossed all will work out..... it's going to be a long couple of weeks waiting for this scan! X

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