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2nd pregnancy..cervical scans. (Need reassurance)

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Sophiehfz2805 Wed 25-Jan-17 12:12:07

Hi im just posting as i really need some reassurance.. im worrying but i know theres nothing to worry about. Im currently pregnant - 21weeks. In my last pregnancy i miscarried at 19w1day due to either infection (which was shown on swab after it all happened) but they didnt know which one it was either cervix opened to early then infection happened or either infection left too long which caused PPROM. Anyways i personally think it was the infection and so does my consultant etc. But incase it was the cervix. They've been doing weekly scans since 16 weeks up until 20 weeks and now have turned to fortnightly so every 2 weeks. So i still have another week to wait until my scan as this was a 2 week wait and im just feeling worried about if its a too long gap and how quickly a cervix can shorten in that time?so its unlikely i have an incompetent cervix but im a worrier incase i may later on in pregnancy if that makes sense. Even though my cervix measurements have been great recently. Im just worried because babys movements are getting stronger and these past few days it feels like hes kicking my cervix.. lol. Anyone else have this problem? I just want some reassurance and has any other mum had this problem and am i silly for worrying so much?

Anyways here are my cervical measurements from 16 weeks onwards

16wk2- 25mm
17wk2 - 26mm
18wk2 - 32mm
19wk2- 28mm
20w2 - 36mm

Sophiehfz2805 Wed 25-Jan-17 12:20:10

Also to mention that i've had no bad symptoms or anything like that everything has been normal. -just wondering is my cervical measurements normal throughout the weeks and does babys movement harm cervix in any way?

divadee Wed 25-Jan-17 13:32:27

I too had cervical scans every few weeks until I got to 24 weeks. Your cervical length seems good at the moment but I know how worrying it is to want to keep baby in for as long as possible.

They haven't mentioned putting a stitch in for you so would assume they are happy with the length as well. Just do as much as you can yourself. Keep off your feet as much as possible, legs up.

Also the cervical kicks were totally normal for me. The went away at about 26 weeks but now getting regular head butts again at 39 weeks.

Sophiehfz2805 Wed 25-Jan-17 16:22:05

Divadee- Hi and thank you for responding im so happy that someone has decided to finally read my long message haha. Yes i've had the internal/cervix scans from 16 week onwards every week. But since 20 weeks my consultant said he'd check on me every 2 weeks then on. So waiting for my next appointment which will be at 22w2. I just feel so anxious and nervous about everything thinking 'oh what if something happens within 2 weeks or cervix shortens within that time. Like my last cervix measurement was good at 36mm. But i still have worries. plus baby has been kicking my cervix aswell which makes me worry more i just cant help but worry ive fallen so in love with my little baby boy that i could never think of anything bad happening like feeling his kicks everyday and just knowing hes there. But does my cervix length seem ok during the past few weeks ? And if you dont mind me asking do u know your measurements around 20week mark? And yes my consultant said that incompetent cervix was probably not my cause so i may not even have a IC but just to make sure they did the scans. It was likely it was the infection left long and ended up in pprom. I had BV. but getting swabs regularly this pregnancy to check for that also. Thanks for your message and goodluck during the end of your pregnancy and labour hope all goes well☺️

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