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Bleeding in third trimester

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mistermagpie Mon 23-Jan-17 10:15:14

I'm hoping for a bit of reassurance. I had two days of spotting at 28 weeks, saw the midwife and she said it might be because I had thrush (had swabs taken the week before) so to treat that with the pessary twice over two weeks. Did that and the second pessary was on thursday last week. I'm now 30 weeks and have had spotting again from yesterday morning into today. I don't want to be a panic merchant, and it's definitely brown rather than bright red, but I am getting a bit concerned. It's not loads either, if it was I would have phoned maternity assessment already, but a steady 'trickle' (sorry).

Has anyone had this? Is it something common? I'm working myself up into a tizz about it because this is my second pregnancy and I never had anything like this before. Before anyone asks, I haven't done the deed (I'm not being prim, proper words aren't safe for work) in about a thousand years so it's not related to that!

Feistype Mon 23-Jan-17 11:09:42

Hello! Okay so I had this with my first pregnancy from 8 weeks until the very end. I don't mean to pry but do you experience the bleeding during/after a bowel motion?

Your cervix is extremely vascular during pregnancy and has a lot more blood pumping around than normal. Sometimes, when you strain, it isn't uncommon to spot a little. I was always told that as long as it wasn't bright, fresh red blood and I had no associated pain, everything should be fine.

I did go hospital with this three times and they did do a full internal check and an ultrasound to rule out complications.

If it keeps happening and you're worrying yourself, I'd definitely take a quick (ish!) trip to the obstetrics dept to see what they have to say. The last thing you need is to worry and I have to say, the spotting did make me pretty miserable for a few months!! x

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