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Constant dreams of unfaithful boyfriend.

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user1476968120 Fri 13-Jan-17 17:27:07

Sorry in advance for the long post:

Ok, I know this one might be weird or strange, But for the past few months, I've been really struggling to sleep. By struggling I mean, I'll be going to bed at about nine or ten and be still away at gone 3 or 4 am.

When I do manage to get to sleep, I was just having nightmares all the time, Which is very different to the dreams I was having at the start of my pregnancy. They were just filled with happy baby things. Now there just nightmares. Luckily, They eased off a little, but now, every single night I'm just dreaming of my boyfriend cheating on me.

It's always the same thing, He goes out on a night out and ends up cheating while drunk, Which is something I have spoken to him about. He has actually been really supportive about it and even stopped going out on nights out unless I'm with him and even then he sticks by my side all night. which that is all his choice, I haven't forced him into making that choice, but it just shows how supportive he is and how far he would go to ease my worries

Last night's dream was probably the worst, He didn't cheat, But I woke up one morning to an empty bed, And when I found him on the sofa, he woke up and told me that our whole relationship was a mistake, How it was wrong from the start and how he didn't want me anymore.

I tell him every single time I have one of these dreams and he does his best to comfort me and tells me he will never ever leave me or hurt me and he loves me.

I think my fear does partly come from the fact growing up my dad did have multiple affairs, My brothers cheat on their girlfriends, and almost every boyfriend I've had has cheated. It might just be a deep rooted fear that's messing with my head.

I'm also in a relationship that has a little bit of distance, but I trust him.

Has anyone been in the situation with the dreams while pregnant or have any advice?

I know this might be silly, but I thought I'd ask as a lot of ladies on here are very helpful and supportive.

Thank you

divadee Fri 13-Jan-17 17:30:30

Nightmares seem a common symptom in pregnancy. And I know I have been having them (now 37+4).

I have had a lot of cheating dreams. I think it stems from body changes and not feeling as attractive as I maybe once was and this comes out in dreams.

Don't worry it does seem perfectly normal and hopefully will stop!

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