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Pregnancy guides for reading with school age kids

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Spink Mon 09-Jan-17 10:16:23

Ds & dd are 10 & 8 yrs old. I'll be telling them soon that they're having a small sibling & want to get them feeling involved in my pregnancy. I reckon they'd love reading about how big the baby is each week & what s/he is up to in there.

All the pg books for children seem to be pitched at younger ages though & don't have the detail...

From last time, I've got 'The Rough Guide' to pg which is funny but lots about sex (sex in pg, not sex as in where did the baby come from grin). I've also got 'What to Expect' but that is hugely detailed & a bit too much I think.

Any ideas?

Snowflakes1122 Mon 09-Jan-17 15:08:55

I just read online what that weeks changes were and told my kids the highlights. Leaving out the parts like your boobs are getting bigger etc grin
Such as this week baby can hear you now, so say hi, or baby is the size of a raspberry etc.

I agree it's hard to find books or reading materials aimed at that age range. I don't want my eldest getting tmi.

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