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First pregnancy - nervous!

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Tickyboovicki Sun 01-Jan-17 21:34:28


This is my first pregnancy and I'm currently almost 23 weeks. I have definitely been finding myself getting quite nervous and anxious! Before both scans I got quite worked up thinking they might find something wrong, but thankfully all was good and healthy smile I think what's throwing me is the fact that my 20 week scan is done, and that's it now. It's scary to think that they won't be seeing baby again now!
Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for dealing with nerves, or to put my mind at ease? Would be hugely appreciative!

Thanks star

Anatidae Sun 01-Jan-17 21:39:15

Anxiety and nerves are normal. Think about it: the baby whose mother is constantly checking it is much less likely to be eaten by wolves. In our modern lives we face fewer dangers of that type so our anxieties displace onto other things, often things we can do nothing about, and that is a problem.

I think the key is twofold: firstly, accept that a degree of anxiety is totally normal - it's the parents who don't give a shit that have the problem. Secondly, if your anxiety is starting to really control your reactions to events or the way you live you life, you need to talk to someone about it.

I'm an anxious person and it got much, much worse after my son was born. I've struggled hugely but have started ADs and am about to start therapy.

Be kind to yourself.

Tickyboovicki Sun 01-Jan-17 22:46:05

Thanks! I feel like I am keeping it under control relatively well ATM. I have just always been the type of person to struggle to 'switch off' and relax. I was signed off work before Christmas (due to ongoing issues with migraines) so have been trying really hard to focus on taking care of myself and not worry too much.
Definitely worried about going back to work though as it's a very high stress job, we are extremely short staffed and I am always pushed to my limit (hence being signed off!)
Fingers crossed all goes smoothly when I'm back, then hopefully that will ease baby worries too confused

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