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Positive test??

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Chickabot Mon 19-Dec-16 15:00:11

Hi everyone, I'm currently one day late for af and took this test today, is this positive do you think? Thanks x

AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Mon 19-Dec-16 15:04:16

I can't see a second line, sorry.

user1480264544 Mon 19-Dec-16 15:09:09

I can't see a second line either, sorry! I took my test 1 day late and my line was faint but very clear! Maybe wait a day or two and try again x

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 19-Dec-16 15:11:19

I can see the second line easily and in the second pic it looks a little pink, BUT, I think that's barely there and so I wouldn't call it a positive. Ime in my latest pregnancy the cheap test strips weren't anywhere near as sensitive as other tests so I'd try a Superdrug test

Chickabot Mon 19-Dec-16 15:37:42

Thanks I'll try that. I didn't get any sort of line with my first till I was 2 days late so thought I'd see if was just my imagination.

haveacupoftea Mon 19-Dec-16 15:59:51

I see something but ICs aren't very good, try a proper test

CatRash Mon 19-Dec-16 19:33:48

I think there could be a line. I used internet cheap ones that were meant to be early ones but got two negatives before my positive on a Superdrug early test!!

Fluffsnuts Mon 19-Dec-16 22:51:51

I can see a definite and clear second line, and I can never normally see them!

MouseLove Mon 19-Dec-16 23:08:00

Sorry but there is not a second line. I can't understand how anyone can see it. It's not there.

MollyWho Tue 20-Dec-16 08:06:13

I can just about see it but it's a real squinter. I'd be tempted to buy a first response and have another go in the morning. Fingers crossed x

Chickabot Tue 20-Dec-16 14:06:35

Hi everyone, I got my bfp with a frer this morning. The ic was picking it up, just not great. Thanks for looking x

CatsCantFlyFast Tue 20-Dec-16 18:28:32


AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Wed 21-Dec-16 08:29:55

Congratulations clickabot flowers

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