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Girl at 17 weeks - reliable?

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Nurse15 Mon 19-Dec-16 12:57:17

Had a gender scan at 17 weeks where they said girl. Wondering how accurate this is? Have felt from day 1 that i was having a boy and still can't get my head around a girl so really just asking if anyone has been told girl at 17 weeks for it to be a boy at 20?

Thanks in advance

Princesspinkgirl Mon 19-Dec-16 13:04:24

I had mine privately at 17 weeks I was told girl I also paid for another private scan at 24 weeks as my NHS won't tell you confirmed girl

Snowflakes1122 Mon 19-Dec-16 13:36:12

We found out boy with my son at 13 weeks. Was confirmed at 20 weeks.

Gendee scans are pretty accurate from 16 weeks plus, so I'd say the odd are definitely girl.

CastleFeck Mon 19-Dec-16 13:58:32

I know a couple of people who have been told the incorrect sex at scans (usually 20w) but this is the minority. Most have been correct. hopefully you will have a better look at your 20 week scan.

chloechloe Mon 19-Dec-16 14:39:56

With DD1 we found out at 14 weeks. DD2 on the other hand kept hiding and we didn't find out until later, but probably around 17 weeks.

SuperUnicorn Mon 19-Dec-16 16:02:15

We were told 97% sure boy at 16 weeks. Our hospital won't tell us so we kept an eye out at our 20 week scan but couldn't see anything either way, so we are just sticking with the 16 week result.

I only know one person who was told incorrectly that she was having a boy and then she had a girl. In all 4 of her pregnancies!

LHReturns Mon 19-Dec-16 16:02:29

I am 17 weeks - and just had a scan an hour ago. We already knew I was having a boy from the Harmony test but in today's scan the willy was flapping around in a very obvious way! Not sure if girls genitalia appear as 'obvious' but it was 100% clear to me that mine was a boy. I have to believe an expert sonographer will know for sure that yours is a little girl. Congratulations!

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