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Only 2 weeks pregnant - is it too soon to be visiting GP?

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firsttimebfp Sat 17-Dec-16 22:50:47

Hi. I got my first ever bfp today and I am unsure about when is the correct time to tell your GP that you are pregnant. I used the clearblue test that tells you how many weeks you are and mine is showing Pregnant 1-2. Will they think I'm daft if I try to make an appointment this early or should I just go for it?

Foggymist Sat 17-Dec-16 22:57:17

Ok well you're 3-4 weeks pregnant so by how they calculate it, from first day of cycle etc. I saw my gp at 7 weeks, got bfp at 4 weeks (2 weeks after conception). There's no mad rush, they'll just confirm it or take your word for it and do minor checks like bp, weight, etc, the only relatively urgent thing can be getting referred to the hospital if that's how the system works in your area.

Barefootcontessa84 Sat 17-Dec-16 22:57:26

You are actually 3-4 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period, so you are actually already two weeks pregnant at conception. Clear blue always read from conception (so two weeks less than you are). You don't need a doctors appointment - they aren't going to do anything except tell you to take folic acid and avoid certain things. Just ring up the reception and ask how to be referred to the midwife. They will tell you the usual protocol. Then it's basically a long wait till your booking in appointment at 8-10 weeks(ish - sometimes later). Congrats!

haveacupoftea Sat 17-Dec-16 23:18:50

I saw my GP at 4 weeks, glad I did as had 12 week scan on time and turned out I needed high strength folic acid which they prescribed for me.

raviolidreaming Sat 17-Dec-16 23:40:27

Congratulations! I second Barefootcontessa84 - phone and ask if you can refer straight to the midwives as often a GP appointment isn't necessary.

SortAllTheThings Sat 17-Dec-16 23:54:33

My surgery makes you have a GP visit, then they refer to the midwives. They're all different though, so just call and ask. Congratulations 🎉

catx1606 Sat 17-Dec-16 23:58:28

I just saw the nurse who did the usual checks and was then referred to the midwife for booking in. I was told that as the hPT these days are so good that they don't generally need to double check. Congratulations

Oysterbabe Sun 18-Dec-16 17:18:00

I didn't need to see my GP, just called the surgery and they had me pop in and pick up a pregnancy pack with forms to fill in and send to the midwife.

Passmethecrisps Sun 18-Dec-16 17:21:40


With dd our surgery said to come in justnfor a chat and to set the ball rolling.

With current pregnancy I just called and chatted to a gp on the phone so that it was on my record.

When I suggested to the receptionist that I just call maternity straight away she was not that keen on the idea. Didn't bother me either way

oatybiscuits Sun 18-Dec-16 17:22:28

Ask the receptionist if you need to see the gp or midwife. Personally I wanted to get in before the post Christmas rush wink plus you get weighed at your first appointment! Apart from that it's just filling in a big form and getting the referral for your 12 week scan so doesn't matter too much when it is

MoonlightMojitos Sun 18-Dec-16 17:37:54

Seems to vary so much! I was just given the number to call midwives directly and booked in with them. Called them when I was about 5 weeks and booked in for 8 weeks. The drs didn't even know I was pregnant when I rang them about something else recently hmm

Rednailsandnaeknickers Sun 18-Dec-16 18:17:25

Did anyone else read the OP thread title as grandparents and think blimey they're a close family grin

arbrighton Sun 18-Dec-16 18:54:47

Don't have to see GP here- they just handed over midwife number at reception when I asked what did i need to do.

Folic acid priority then find out through your GP what you need to do.

I tested (cheapy) 4 weeks after LMP and it was positive- was just checking and a bit surprised. Saw midwife at 5 weeks, then scan date came in post that week (next week)

Princesspinkgirl Sun 18-Dec-16 19:03:14

They will note it down but you won't see midwife till 8-10 weeks I didn't go to gp till 7 weeks

ThirdThoughts Sun 18-Dec-16 20:25:10

If you are on medication that might need adjusted or changed due to pregnancy (e.g for hypothyroidism) or arent sure if you wish to continue the pregnancy then it is worth an early appointment with your GP. Otherwise, as others have said, call your GP receptionist and ask whether you self refer to the midwifery service in your area, and their phone number.


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