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Changing Bag

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eatingforonemore Sun 27-Nov-16 02:59:08

Over the Shoulder or Backpack?

Last time I just used my LV neverfull with a bag organiser and a skip hop pronto which was ok but I want a proper changing bag this time just not sure what style to get.

I really like the Cath Kidston and JuJuBe BFF backpacks as well as the Storksak Noa and Pacapod Firenze!!

Aliveinwanderland Sun 27-Nov-16 03:13:49

I've got a pacapod and I love that I can take the changing pod out and leave the rest of the big bag attached to the pram.

We attached the pod to the crib at night for nappy changes so it gets plenty of use. Downside is when the feeding and changing pods are full there is very little space in the main section of a bag.

Cath Kidston do a nice changing pod so you could have a different bag and one of those attached to pram instead.

Onedaylikethi5ayear Sun 27-Nov-16 03:14:17

I was really disappointed with the Cath Kidston changing rucksack I ordered. It was small, the material didn't seem like it would wear well and it just didn't have enough pockets/sections. It went back. I think a normal CK rucksack would have been more practical teamed with a washable changing mat (IKEA) and some waterproof bags for nappy stuff and mucky clothes. I just opted for a super practical but not at all glamorous walking rucksack from Osprey in the end.

Hyland Sun 27-Nov-16 09:39:49

I liked the tan Storksak but was trying to decide if I really wanted to spend that!

Also thinking that a tan bag would not go with a plum pram!

MinnowAndTheBear Sun 27-Nov-16 09:44:40

I use a regular rucksack with a foldable changing mat. So much easier than having a shoulder bag falling off all the time, or swinging down and hitting 3yo in the head.
I agree with oneday that the CK changing rucksacks are tiny. The changing mat isn't waterproof and the bottle pouch isn't thermal.

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