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Brown discharge (sorry if TMI!)

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thegreatwideopen Mon 21-Nov-16 17:51:43

Hi everyone,

I'm 6+4 weeks pregnant with pregnancy no. 4 (two dc's and one mc) I woke up this morning feeling ok, I haven't had strong symptoms but have had sore boobs, nausea, dizziness, endlessly cold etc. I didn't really feel any of these this morning though, and when I went to the loo, I noticed a light brown mucus on the toilet paper (I am so so sorry!)

This has worn off during the day, with nothing touch wood on my underwear and nothing when I wipe. I'm now superbly worried about this; my brain seems to have shut out all memory about previous mc, and I am now convinced that this pregnancy will end the same way. Does anyone have any advice/words of wisdom about this? I've felt sicky during the day today, and had almost sore boobs, it's the discharge that's panicking me terribly.

Sorry for the long and rambling post too.

Heirhelp Mon 21-Nov-16 17:54:09

Brown normally means old blood and not fresh suggesting it is not a miscarriage.

Congratulations, it is such a scary time.

thegreatwideopen Mon 21-Nov-16 17:56:59

Heir, it certainly is. Am just willing the symptoms to come back!

Melmam Mon 21-Nov-16 18:33:11

Hi ive had this with both my pregnancies around the same time as you I was really worried I said it to the midwife and she said it's just old blood womb clearing itself out.. congradulations try not to worry flowers

MrsCW86 Mon 21-Nov-16 19:14:31

I've had this twice in my current pregnancy. The first time, I had an early scan and the sonographer said in early pregnancy it sometimes happens around the time you would have had a period, which fitted in timing-wise for me.

She also said unless it gets heavier, or doesn't stop, to try not to worry about it. However, this is much easier said than done and so don't hold back from calling your midwife and asking for advice!

Oopsypoopsy Mon 21-Nov-16 19:16:16


I'm sorry to hear of youve. I haven't had a miscarriage but have 2 children and am pregnant with number 3. With dd2 and this pregnancy I've had brown spotting just when I wipe for the whole first trimester. I went for an early scan both times for reassurance. I just went to my gp and they phoned and got me an appointment, the first time the same day and this time it was the next day. Very reassuring to just see that there is a baby in there and possibly a heartbeat.

Hope it all turns out ok. x

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