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First trimester - struggling!

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sunnyfields25 Mon 21-Nov-16 08:04:49

Hi there

I've browsed this forum so many times and decided the time has finally come for me to have a go at posting.

I'm 11w2d, and am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I've had brown spotting (very light, not heavy) on and off since last week. Got sent to the early pregnancy unit for a scan last Weds, which showed everything was fine. It was amazing to see the little heartbeat for the first time. However, the relief only really lasted a few hours, and now I'm back to worrying about a miscarriage given that the spotting hasn't completely stopped and I'm getting twinges and pains on and off (mainly first thing in the morning). I've got my 12-week scan on Friday this week, and have managed to completely convince myself it's going to be bad news. I know no-one can reassure me that it won't be bad, and that realistically it could be, but I keep thinking it can't be healthy to be having all this negative, worrisome energy festering inside me.

On top of this, the constant queasiness is dragging me down. I've only actually been sick a handful of times, which sounds like it shouldn't be too bad. And in comparison to some people I suspect I've got it pretty easy. But food has become a major enemy, and the daily struggle to figure out what I can stomach, and then trying to dart in and out of the kitchen while holding my breath to avoid food smells, is becoming exhausting.

I think if it was just the sickness it might be easier to handle, but with the miscarriage worry added to it, well.... I'm struggling.

Sorry, this has turned into an epic rant! Even if no-one replies, it's been quite therapeutic to vent smile

phoebe2016 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:03:51

Hi Sunny. I won't tell you not to worry, as i know that's impossible! I had heavy bleeding and pain at 9wks with my soon, i got carted off to hospital by ambulance, they thought maybe it was an ectopic pregnancy. Anyway, i had scan, heartbeat there and all things in place, bleeding was outside of sack and unexplained. I bleed quite heavily for a further 2 weeks and then went on to have a perfectly healthy boy at 40+5 smile. Try to think positive, quite a few women bleed during pregnancy and things are fine. Take it easy as you can. Fingers crossed all will settle and baby will be fine. Good luck x

Nikki2ol6 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:24:21

Please don't worry about the worrying it won't harm your baby. I used to think that too, but at 20 weeks we were told devastating news that our baby has major heart abnormalitys. I didn't sleep for weeks and I thought for sure I'd have a late miscarriage but I'm sat here now almost 34wks and still going strong.

A lot of people do spot, did they say where the blood was coming from? Sometimes it's caused by the placenta growing and bursting blood vessels so there is other explanations and they arnt all bad news. Also the sickness should pass soon and you will feel normal again smile

WorriedAndCrazy Mon 21-Nov-16 12:11:30

I originally wrote this message this morning but decided not to submit as I was worried I would jinx myself hmm (see my usernamewink)

Are you me??

I'm 13 weeks today and have my scan later on and I'm bricking it. I've already had 2 one at 7 weeks and one at 11 weeks due to my anxiety after a MMC earlier in the year.

I feel exactly like you with the sickness and the smells and the food. I'm exhausted with it all as well. I don't actually have any advice just want to let you know you're not alone.

You've saw the heartbeat already which is brilliant and chances are everything is going to be fine on Friday. I'm a bloody hypocrite giving out advice like that when I'm a nervous wreck. I will update you later after my scan if that makes you feel better? I always find reading posts from people in similar situations make me feel better and give me a bit of positivity.

Well I'm just back from my scan and everything was fine. I had a chat with the MW about the anxiety I've been feeling and she was lovely and listened to all my rambling questions about this and that. She really put my mind at ease and I feel loads better (not sure how long that will last!). If I'm still feeling like this by my next appointment they're going to refer me to get some help. So when you go for your appointment on Friday make sure to tell them whatever is on your mind as that's what they're there for to put your mind at rest.

I've had no spotting but have had a fair bit of cramping. In fact I've still got it now straight after being scanned so I'm happy now to believe that it's just all the stretching going on inside.

sunnyfields25 Mon 21-Nov-16 13:57:12


Thanks so much for your replies. It's really reassuring to hear about people who have been through/are going through similar experiences. Makes it all feel less lonely and a little less scary.

Nikki - No there wasn't really any explanation given as to where the bleeding might be coming from or what might be causing it. The fact that is was left hanging as a big unknown made it a bit more worrying, but as you say Phoebe some women do experience spotting or heavier bleeding for no apparent reason and go on to have successful pregnancies. I know all this stuff, it's just easier to believe when it's someone else telling you it smile

It sounds like you've had more than your fair share of worrying in your pregnancy Nikki, and I'm not surprised you had sleepless nights after your sad news. It's amazing that you've managed to get through it and are still going strong though - gives me hope that things can and will pick up.

WorriedAndCrazy - the intro to your post made me chuckle smile The similarities are a bit spooky. So glad that your scan was fine! I'm going to follow your advice and be open with the midwife on Friday - it's all well and good me moaning on here but as soon as I get sat in front of a doctor or midwife my instinct is to pretend that everything is fine. I'm sure they see this sort of situation on a regular basis though.

Thanks again ladies smile

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