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When did you start buying things?

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NewMum26 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:48:28

At what stage did you start buying things for baby? We've been looking at nursery furniture to get an idea of what we like and also to spread the cost of everything we need I've found one with a great offer hubby says order it but I'm unsure. He says order it and keep it at parents house.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 13-Nov-16 19:49:36

About 15 weeks

Andbabymakesthree Sun 13-Nov-16 19:51:43

After 20 weeks.

There are always deals. There are always special offers. You just eat into your warranty by getting stuff early. Besides half the stuff you don't really need!

thebloodycat Sun 13-Nov-16 19:55:59

I was 22 weeks yesterday and bought my first item today! Xx

NickyEds Sun 13-Nov-16 19:57:35

After the 20 week scan.

About 25 weeks I think

Oysterbabe Sun 13-Nov-16 21:15:56

A few little things after 20 weeks, most things after 30. Start putting money aside but I'd personally wait before buying.

babynelly2010 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:28:41

19 weeks and brought couple of outfits and a plush toy, waiting for boxing day :-)

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 13-Nov-16 21:54:09

Literally brought our first thing last week. Buggy/car seat/basinette combo

And today looking at furniture and will order next few days as says 6/8w delivery

Now 20w and scan tomorrow for blue or pink

Whisperingeye1 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:02:20

35w and only just started buying. Still got loads to get!

raviolidreaming Sun 13-Nov-16 22:09:57

28 weeks and haven't bought a thing yet!

Bellabelloo Sun 13-Nov-16 23:12:45

I am 28 weeks and haven't bought anything. Too many friends have had stillbirths and late miscarriages and I couldn't bear the thought of that happening and having loads of baby stuff at home that I couldn't even return. I wish I could get a bit more excited! I'I not being pessimistic, just cautious and realistic. X

drinkyourmilk Mon 14-Nov-16 07:49:23

We bought our pram at 12 weeks as it was ex display and a fantastic deal. Have some clothes and a moses basket too at 20 weeks. Looking on ebay for good second hand nursery furniture. Will wait until January for car seat. Then we are done.

Buddahbelly Mon 14-Nov-16 07:53:44

As a pp I waited. only thing I needed was the moses basket, pram and car seat etc.

My friend had her whole nursery done by the time she was 6 months pregnant, bedding on and everything. It was an entire 12 months later before her baby could even go in there - and by then she hated the stuff she'd bought and wanted to change everything, which was a complete waste of money.

There will always be sales on!

TwoDogs9 Mon 14-Nov-16 10:17:52

31 weeks and so far only bought a travel system!!

DoubleCarrick Mon 14-Nov-16 15:59:35

I bought some clothes that I stumbled across at a yard sale when I was about 10 weeks. They were too good of a bargain to miss out on.

Just bought bits as and when I saw good deals really. I'm now 32 weeks and basically have everything I need.

I lost my last baby and am glad for the bits I bought as it's a nice reminder of her and I treasure everything of hers that I bought. I'm going to give this baby her blanket smile

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Mon 14-Nov-16 20:10:06

I'm 30 weeks and we have placed an order for the pushchair/carseat (good offer) but delayed delivery for about another 6 weeks because I don't feel ready yet. I've been given quite a few clothes but haven't actually bought anything. I want to, to get organised, but can't make the leap of faith yet. I've had 2 second trimester losses though and just don't have the confidence I wish I had.

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