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Estimated baby weight

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user1464279374 Sun 13-Nov-16 11:33:48

Hi ladies. Just wondering whether people have found these predictions to be accurate?!

Throughout my pregnancy (now 34 weeks) they've gone from saying the baby measures small / is small on the ultrasound (e.g. told yesterday he is only 4lbs) and doing checks to then on the next scan saying he's quite big! (Today nearly 6lbs!) I'm not sure what to expect or whether to worry about him being small or not.

It's suspected I've got Obstetric Cholestasis so may have to be induced in 3-4 weeks time and would feel more reassured if he wasn't tiny!

Thanks in advance smile

Nikki2ol6 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:48:51

They said my baby was 6lbs and he was born less than a week later at 7lbs9!!!! So not overly accurate for me

SpeakNoWords Sun 13-Nov-16 12:51:29

I think the margin of error is plus or minus 20% which is really wide range.

Flisspaps Sun 13-Nov-16 12:53:42

They told me DS would be 9-10lb based on growth scan and he was 11lb 7oz.

Farfromtheusual Sun 13-Nov-16 12:55:33

I had a growth scan at 35 weeks due to a DVT and they said DS was about 5lb10. He was born 6 weeks later weighing 6lb12. By the community midwife's calculations/measurements she estimated he was going to be about 9lb!

Don't think they're all that accurate to be honest.

Eminybob Sun 13-Nov-16 12:59:07

11lb 7oz Fliss??? Wowzers!

I was measuring big and had late scans which said DS was going to be big. He was 7lb 2oz so for me it was a load of rubbish.

CaptainCallisto Sun 13-Nov-16 13:01:32

I was told both of mine would be 10lb plus, but they ended up at 8lb and 8lb 9oz respectively (15 and 13 days late too)...

ikeawrappingpaper Sun 13-Nov-16 13:28:45

Thoroughly inaccurate ime.

user1464279374 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:43:07

Wow, seems a bit of a guessing game then!

Will just have to wait and see what happens... sure either way he will be fine, still has time to put on a fair bit of weight.

Thanks smile

Mouthofmisery Sun 13-Nov-16 19:45:08

Not accurate in my experience of 2

CointreauVersial Sun 13-Nov-16 19:46:37

I had some late scans because they were worried the growth was tailing off. They estimated 6lb 7oz.

Midwife put her hands on my tummy, and went "Nah, it'll be 7lb". She was spot on!

Dixiechick17 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:49:26

My growth scans were pretty accurate, predicting my DD to be approx 7 1/2 pounds. Due date scan estimated 7lbs 6, she was born five days later weighing 7lbs 10

DramaAlpaca Sun 13-Nov-16 19:50:52

Completely wrong with all three of mine.

onedayimightforget Sun 13-Nov-16 19:59:02

Mine was fairly accurate - estimated at 4lb 3oz at 32+1, born 10 days later weighing 4lb 8oz.

Playdoughinthecarpet Sun 13-Nov-16 19:59:20

My Dd was born 6lb 2oz. For some reason ds was thought to be small, had extra growth scans and was induced on due date. Ds arrived 9lb 11oz. Have no idea what they were measuring! Midwife at delivery said he must've been hiding grin
Best to be in hospital if baby is tiny flowers

Total rubbish. I was told that my baby was over 7lbs about 5 weeks before I had her. She was less than 7lbs

Heirhelp Sun 13-Nov-16 21:14:42

No growth scan but my midwife's guessed at 9 1/2 lbs and my lo was 9 lb 9oz.

Melmam Sun 13-Nov-16 21:32:29

They where spot on with me was told he would be about 8 1/2 pound he was born the next day weighing 8 pound 6

TurkeyTwazzock Sun 13-Nov-16 21:34:58

They estimated DS was 'around 8 lbs' in a scan the day before I had him. He was 10 lbs 6 oz hmm.

I had DD at 37 weeks (I had OC). I was told to expect a 8-9 lb-er. She was
7 lbs exactly...

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