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Possibly pregnant on mini pill...

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confusednortherner Sun 30-Oct-16 14:05:47

Not sure if this is right place but hope someone can offer advice. I've name changed for this.
I've been on mini pill for 18 months and have two older children during that time I've only had a couple of periods.
Just under two weeks ago I think I might have missed one pill and now wondering if I'm pregnant.
Nothing obvious but I just don't feel right, feel really pmt like which is very unlike me. I keep needing to pee, slightly sore boobs, horrible dragging tummy feeling low down, hot, higher sex drive and yesterday I had a awfully sore crampy period like pain that really took my breath away but only lasted minutes.
I've tested and it's negative but could only get a pound shop test as it's not easiest thing to bug with a ten yr old in tow!
Maybe I'm imagining it all or it's too early.
Just need to vent really as haven't mentioned it to dh yet in case he's then worried as well for nothing.

Nottalotta Sun 30-Oct-16 14:19:03

Hmm well I'm currently 26 wks pregnant having been taking Norgeston (or something)

Irregular periods as still bf, felt like crap (tired, sick etc) for a few weeks. Hey presto, preggers. But, I must have been about 8 weeks when I tested so no doubt.

Test again in a week?

confusednortherner Sun 30-Oct-16 19:30:12

I'm going to have to be patient:-(
I'm really not sure what we will do, can't imagine dh will take it well...

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Mon 31-Oct-16 11:47:43

I hope you get the outcome you want OP flowers

I would test again in a week, and again a week after that and then probably go to the GP about the symptoms because if you are not pregnant then you want to get those sorted out anyway.

I fell pregnant on Noriday last year. I suspect my IBS attacks meant it shot through me too fast on one too many occasions. I was exhausted and nauseous and about to go to the GP and ask for more help as the IBS was worse, but thought I'd poas just to preempt their "are you sure you aren't pregnant?" questioning so I could shoot them down and say, no I'm not, now can you PLEASE refer me to a gastro person... except I was shock

Good luck, I hope you're ok & your DH is supportive.

confusednortherner Mon 31-Oct-16 12:14:59

I just feel a bit stupid really, I'm nearly 40 for gods sake surely I should know better!
To make matters worse I work full time along side two ladies who job share and one of those is going on maternity leave at xmas so I'd be leaving them in a complete muddle and I'm in my perfect job but heart is telling me if I am that I'd keep it but head and maybe husband won't.
I'm actually scared stiff of telling him, don't get me wrong he won't be horrible but I know he will be very shocked.

Nottalotta Mon 31-Oct-16 18:42:20

confused I'm 39 too, ds will be 18 months when the next one arrives. Also feel a bit stupid!

confusednortherner Mon 31-Oct-16 20:54:25

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse my much younger sil has just announced she's expecting her third!

LucieA79 Mon 31-Oct-16 21:22:16

I'm currently pregnant after being on the pill (never missed one!! Was on cerazette. ) I hope you get the outcome you want xx

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