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DD has horrendous rash

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DragonNoodleCake Tue 25-Oct-16 20:53:24

My pregnant DD (38+3) has a horrendous rash on tummy/ breasts. It's red swollen and lumpy. She says the rash is agony. She has excema that has been made way worse in pregnancy, she's tried 2 lots of antibiotics or skin infections and they just make her sick and doc says don't take them then.
She said she's felt pain in her stomach area a few times today and I asked her about movement...all she can say is defo no Movement in last hour. So I've made her drink some cold lucozade and sit quiet send concentrate on movement.
Btw she is 17 and was a surprise pg that we found out about only 6 weeks ago. Her bump was none existent until 4 weeks ago and has grown pretty fast and I though this why itchy at first.
I should just get her to phone in shouldn't I? And ask a friend to come round to look after DD2 if they say come in...shouldn't I?

Catlady100 Tue 25-Oct-16 20:59:55

Hi- I think an itchy rash in pregnancy is one of those things you're meant to seek help for pretty quickly but can be treated. Perhaps call NHS direct? Hope she's okay. Cat

DragonNoodleCake Tue 25-Oct-16 21:29:13

Thanks Cat. We phoned triage, she's to phone back in another hour if she has still not felt Movement. I sent her for warm shower and excema creams to calm skin rash

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