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2 positives then 3 negatives - help appreciated!!

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hass90 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:45:56

Hi all,
I've never posted on anything like this before so bear with me!
On Thursday evening I took a first response test. It had a faint second line. Both my partner and I could see it but weren't sure if it was just a mistake so he went about a clear blue digital test. That came up with 'Pregnant 1-2 weeks'.
However the next day, I took another test and that said not pregnant. I've since taken 2 more that said not pregnant.
My period is due today and I'm yet to start. I also feel quite nauseous.
I know I had sex around the time I was ovulating and on Wednesday I had a tiny spot of blood and a cramp which sounded to me a lot like implantation bleeding.
Does anyone have any advice? I don't know what to think and would really appreciate any help you have!
Thanks smile

Miloarmadillo1 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:49:42

I'm really sorry, Hass, that sounds like a chemical pregnancy, where you conceive but something goes wrong very early on during implantation, meaning your period arrives more or less on time because HCG levels have fallen. flowers

hass90 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:59:14

Hi Miloarmadillo1 - thanks very much for your reply! I had read about chemical pregnancies online and wondered if it could be that. I just presumed I would have had my period by now. Does it not necessarily come straight away then? Thanks again for your message smile

Miloarmadillo1 Sun 16-Oct-16 22:27:26

It might be delayed a day or two. Hormone levels would have started gearing up for pregnancy to give you a positive test, they need to have fallen to more or less zero for your period to arrive. If it doesn't then by all means test again in a few days, but pregnancy tests are pretty reliable and chemical pregnancy is very commmon. How are you feeling?

hass90 Sun 16-Oct-16 22:57:23

Ok - thank you for explaining. Everything I've read so far has been a bit unclear but how you explained it makes sense so thank you. I had the positive test Thursday night and the negative test Friday morning so I'd imagine it should arrive pretty soon. I'm ok. I'm disappointed obviously but I'd much rather it happen now than in a few weeks time. We've only been trying for 3 months so hopefully it just means it will happen soon. Thanks so much for asking and for your message x

haveacupoftea Sun 16-Oct-16 23:07:46

It is probably a chemical pregnancy but i would be tempted to try another FRER as digitals can be unreliable especially in very early stages.

LBNM19 Sun 16-Oct-16 23:12:00

A clear blue digital test came up negative for me a few days before my periord was due im 27 weeks now. They also kept giving me inaccurate date readings going up and down. Got my postive with a first response. Maybe try one more if you don't get your period soon x

hass90 Sun 16-Oct-16 23:21:19

Hi haveacupoftea (love your name!) and LBNM19 smile thanks very much for your messages. I'll give it a day or so I think and then test again if my period still hasn't arrived. I'm not holding out much hope but it's worth trying to be positive! I just want to know now - either way. It's the not knowing that I find most frustrating x

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