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Lazy baby in the morning

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butterfly92 Mon 10-Oct-16 08:32:03

Morning ladies smile just wanted to ask in the mornings when you wake up, does your baby start wiggling about? Mine is lazy as me I think lol! He is stubborn he will not move at all no matter how much I prod or poke him until I have at least gotten up, go toilet, drink some water and sit up and go on my phone. If I go back to bed then so will he lol! Is that normal? In the womb I mean lol! Thank you. And he does have normal frequent movements and hiccups throughout the day smile xx

smellsofelderberries Mon 10-Oct-16 08:39:58

If that is normal for your little guy then it's normal smile

LillianFullStop Mon 10-Oct-16 09:33:54

If that's his normal routine then that's just him I guess! my bump tends to sleep when I sleep too (I'm guessing to do with steady breathing and heart rate when you sleep).

But if I even try for a lay in she kicks up a fuss and wakes me up - by 6.30-7am she's wriggling around to the point it's hard to ignore!

SeashellHoarder Mon 10-Oct-16 13:06:52

My baby is awake most of the night it seems, then needs a lie in and sleeps all morning. She's 29 weeks, so movements are strong and she's still got room for acrobatics.
It's dc3 for me and they are all different.

Reetpetite17 Mon 10-Oct-16 13:22:45

With my first he kicked and moved mainly about 10pm at night and 4pm in the afternoon, he would always move about as I was going to bed too. With this one, he doesn't stop moving, like he doesn't sleep or something! He's jerking about in my ribs right now. My belly is always shaking about, ha, but dp keeps missing it, ha.

MiddleClassProblem Mon 10-Oct-16 13:24:42

Mine would tend to kick if o was t doing anything, so in bed or watching telly. If I was standing she wouldn't unless a one off. No health issues and is now a very active nearly 2 year old

CrazyGreyhoundLady Mon 10-Oct-16 22:44:30

36 weeks myself, my little one wont wake up before noon, pretty much every day she's still till gone lunch time, some movements after that then about 7-9pm she's mental, then just normal movements for the rest of evening. Midwife and hospital have both said it's completely normal for each baby to have their own individual pattern.

Congratulations btw smile

thisisbloodyridiculous Tue 11-Oct-16 09:02:30

I'm 27 weeks and most mornings my baby doesn't wake up until 10!

DoubleCarrick Tue 11-Oct-16 09:13:57

I'm 27 weeks and baby doesn't really wake up apart from the odd turn until about 2pm. He's pretty active from about 6pm onwards and will always wake if I get up in the night for the loo.

Can't wait to see if that means he's going to be a night owl when he comes. I do wonder if there is a correlation

Heirhelp Tue 11-Oct-16 15:19:04

When you move about it rocks your baby to sleep and they make up when you don't move. This is why babies are kind of nocturnal when they are born.

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