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Kick counting apps?

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MrsJoeyMaynard Mon 26-Sep-16 13:34:25

Does anyone has recommendations for any count the kick type apps for iPhones?

There's a few on the app store but I'm not sure which ones are the better ones, and if anyone has experience with any, it might help me decide.

I'm trying to get a better feel about what patterns of movement are normal for my baby, so ideally ones that let you track baby activity over the course of a day and let you see history of movements recorded previously in pregnancy.

Kinton1 Mon 26-Sep-16 18:19:13

I downloaded the 'kicks count' android app last week (I'm 21 wks pregnant, been feeling kicks since 18) Free to download and simple to use - you press a button to record each 'session' of movement throughout the day and at the end you get a graph showing you number of sessions in the different time periods. You then get graphs to show the number of sessions per day for that week. Only downside is it doesn't seem to let you see historical graphs for the different time periods in a day once that day is finished. Also think it only let's you look back at the last week of data (tho my lack of tech skills may mean I'm missing something! )

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