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Moan moan moan

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DanniAngelMummy Sun 25-Sep-16 11:30:21

Hey guys...
Sorry to be a misery but if I don't get it out there I may explode.
Anybody else miserable? I'm 35 + 3 (those three days matter lol) and I'm lethargic.. Have zero energy... Grumpy and just plain had enough! I have to laugh at myself or I cry. I'm fed up of the sound of my voice and annoying myself. Please help envy
I'm so desperate for this baby (my 2nd) and yet I haven't even got things sorted for him/her...
Help!!!? How do I get the energy required to do the tasks that need to be done!!
Moan moan moan....

PonkAlert Sun 25-Sep-16 12:58:16

Is there anyone who can help? I'm 34 weeks, having a terrible pregnancy and this baby would be sleeping on an overflowing pile of dirty washing if I hadn't had so much help from DH, DM, in laws and friends.

Can you start with a list of stuff that needs doing (so you feel like you have some input/control) and oversee the completion of the tasks by others or allocate tasks to an hour each day for the next few weeks?

Also, try not to stress too much about stuff that doesn't get done. You'll (hopefully) have more energy/physical ability to do things once the baby is here so just prioritise the absolute essentials and worry about the rest later - a newborn actually needs very little, despite what all the shops/adverts tell you.

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