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Tooth rant!

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Dlah Mon 19-Sep-16 11:00:50

Fairly pointless but as a non dentist fan, I feel my baby is earning some time out points already before being born!

A year ago I lost a filling whilst on holiday (American bacon is just a tad too crispy!) of all the dentists, I love mine, even though 20 years later I still never feel completely at ease, he really is lovely and I've never had any problems with fillings he's done and been in years, I had the filling done on my return - all good

Since getting pregnant that same filling has come out 6 times!! 6!! I'm fairly sure from what people have said it can be the calcium/baby using goodness from body which is causing it, but my god, I'm so fed up lol

Sat here back in the waiting room, 5 weeks left til baby and I'm hoping this one will at least stay in until November when I'm booked to come back and have the whole tooth redone to hopefully sort this once and for all!

Mini morning rant over grin

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