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Hi all... Travel Insurance at 32 weeks pregnant- just an FYI. MIght save you an hour or 2 on the web!

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GrumpyMoo Mon 19-Sep-16 10:10:07

Found out that you can't travel by ferry after 32 weeks! I thought it was only flying that had restrictions!! Though Brittany Ferries have agreed to let me as I was IN my 32'nd week the day I come back from France. So I went looking for Travel Insurance... hours and hours on the net where eventually I found a company that specifically does Pregnancy Travel- they were called Ravenhall at about £30, just covering me. BUT the better news is that I happened to be getting a quote using Compare The Market for the rest of the family and found a smaller company called Big Blue Cover and they will not only cover pregnancy, premature labour and complications etc for myself but will also cover lost passports, accidents, cancellations and everything else a good policy does. Not just for me, the pregnant one, but for my husband, my 18 year old son and my 15 year old daughter too! All that on their standard policy of about £17 or their Premium policy which I went for cos it was only £25!! Sorry for long post but thought I'd share in case it might save someone else a million hours trawling the internet! xxx

WhateverWillBe Mon 19-Sep-16 17:08:48

I'm going away with a friend for 3 days when i'll be 30 weeks so this is really handy, thank you!

mrsbee2be Mon 19-Sep-16 20:31:11

That's not right, you can......
I've just come back from Holland at 34 weeks, I wasn't pregnant when we first booked and checked and it was absolutely fine.... also insured with Halifax via my current account and told that was fine too as long I wasn't travelling with the purpose of having the baby whilst away (which obviously I wasn't!)

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