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Really struggling with Gestational Diabetes and Metformin

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Bellabelloo Sun 18-Sep-16 20:51:27

I was diagnosed with GD at about 13 weeks pregnant. I am now 21 weeks. I was trying to control it with diet and was really enjoying delicious, low-carb, healthy meals and felt great. However, my blood sugar levels didn't behave and I have been on metformin for 3 weeks now. I constantly feel sick and can't stomach anything. The only things I fancy now are bread, pasta and baked potatoes as I feel ill and just want bland comfort food. However, this obviously isn't allowed!! I am eating tiny meals that just make me want to throw up and while I had been munching on salads and veggies and feeling as though I was eating nutritionally well before metformin, now I can't face vegetables! BLEUGH!

Anyone else struggling or have any tips or words of wisdom?

Thank you! X

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