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Still not feeling much at 31+2

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Shadowboy Thu 15-Sep-16 13:09:59

I still don't get much in the way of movement from the baby and I am now getting paranoid about it. The 12 and 20 week scans were all fine although baby was mega chilled and wasn't particularly active (couldn't determine sex as it was sleeping with legs crossed). This is my second pregnancy and my first was incredibly active by this point and at times would look like an alien escape attempt. I know all pregnancies are different but was hoping to feel more by now?

I do get movement but it's just so 'weak'. The sonographer did say I have an anterior placenta but I would have thought by 31/32 weeks I would get a bit more kicking and action?

Last 28 week checkup was normal. Heartbeat was fine. She could feel the position of the baby and it was head down.

Am I being overly worried?

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