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36 weeks transverse lie - anyone else?

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Gem37 Thu 01-Sep-16 18:03:17


I'm pregnant with my 2nd child, my first was transverse. I was admitted to hospital at 37 weeks and had a section at 38 weeks. This was almost 7 years ago so I'm wondering if the procedure is the same now?

My second baby is also transverse / oblique and has not been head down or up at all. I'm doing all the right things to move baby into a good position but nothing is working.

I have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow & im worried he's going to admit me! My son is going into year 2 on Monday. 😟

Thanks in advance!

PunkyBubba Thu 01-Sep-16 18:11:14

Hi Gem,

Both my DS's both transverse lie, though DS1 turned at 36 weeks. With DS2 I had added complication of excess water in the womb. It was the combination of both that made my situation more risky, and I was admitted at 37 weeks. This was just less than 2 years ago. The lady in the next bed was 'just' transverse though and still admitted.

Her baby turned within an hour of her being admitted, but it was a Friday... They still kept her in until the Monday to make sure baby was stable in position. I was in for 10 days. C section was booked, but DS2 turned at 38+6 (day before c-sec) so I was induced and had natural birth.

Don't give up, keep doing the exercises. I lived on a birthing ball, bouncing and gyrating!! The nurses thought I was nuts but it did the trick! Good luck!

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