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1 positive 3 negatives?!

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moonandstars98 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:12:11

I've been driving myself crazy for 4 days! I arrived on holiday with my dad and knowing that i haven't been practising safe sex i decided to take a test, i took the test well over 3 weeks since i was last imtimate, in fact 4 weeks. I bought i twin pack of tesco digitals and took one, it came back positive and so for 3 days i was worrying. I decided to take the other one a couple of days ago just to be sure, negative. I took the pregnancy test back and swapped for the same ones i got the first time, tesco digitals. This time i waited until the morning and took the first tesy halfway through my urine steam to be absolutely sure. Negative again. I took the last one later in the day. Another negative. What is going on?! I've heard of a thing called chemical pregnancy and im wondering if thats whats happened? I may add that i found 1 very small spot of watery blood in my underwear sorry TMI! i would be very grateful if someome could shed some light on the situation!! TIA!

isthatpoisontoo Thu 28-Jul-16 18:11:11

Pregnancy tests give more false negatives than false positives, so the positive one was probably correct. Either the later ones are less sensitive, or something has changed. I would go to my gp, if I were you.

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