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What is induction like?

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K8yy1 Thu 30-Jun-16 22:52:19

I might need to be induced at 39 weeks what should I expect?

beela Thu 30-Jun-16 22:55:28

I was induced at 39 weeks with dc1 due to pre-eclampsia. It took 3 days!! I was exhausted by the end of it!!!! People say it hurts more but I managed on gas & air.

My tip would be to take your Kindle or something into hospital in case it is a long slow process (tho it might not be).

Good luck.

Waterlemon Thu 30-Jun-16 23:11:09

I was induced twice as I was overdue with both. I cried my eyes out first time as I really didn't want to be induced!

Ds1 I had my waters broken then put on the drip (have no idea why I wasn't given a pessary) and given an epidural. labour was around 12 hours, ds1 was 8 1/2 pounds. I was home again about 6 hrs later.

Ds2 I was given pessary on general ward, then 6 hours later was admitted to midwife led unit in early labour where they broke my waters. Ds2 was born within an hour!!! He was 10 pound - no time for pain relief other than Gas & air! He was born late evening so I opted to stay the night, I couldn't face getting up and dressed at that time.

I think I had read too many horror stories prior to giving birth. Statistically induced births have more risk of needing further interventions (eg ventouse, forceps, CS) But both my deliveries were straightforward with no complications which is not uncommon either!

mellowyellow1 Fri 01-Jul-16 17:30:24

I was induced with syntocinon drip as my waters broke and labour didn't progress enough. My birth was fine and no complications or anything. But I did have an epidural grin

BettyOBarley Fri 01-Jul-16 21:31:56

I had my waters broken and drip inserted at the same time (no idea why as I was already 2cm dilated and didn't need a pessary but there you go!) from them doing that to giving birth was 2hrs 42mins! No complications. So it isn't always a slow process but there is a lot of waiting around so try to nap / eat / drink where you can.

GreenRut Fri 01-Jul-16 21:35:23

I had one and had previously read (probably on here) that it 'lands' you quite suddenly into labour so I insisted on having an epidural at the same time. Then ALOT of waiting. So much so had to have a c-section.

Popskipiekin Fri 01-Jul-16 21:38:58

Went in at 9am for an induction (waters had broken 24 hours before but no sign of labour). Sat around all day being given regular antibiotics but not induced as there wasn't a room on the labour ward yet. (So definitely bring nice food and entertainment! And ear plugs. Snoring lady next to me all day.) Finally got given pessary at 10pm but no drip. By midnight we were in business, but DS didn't arrive until 7am - with some ventouse assistance. Pretty straightforward though it did all feel quite intense very very quickly. I'll be more than happy to have another induction with DC2.

MagpieCursedTea Sun 03-Jul-16 17:22:55

I was induced at 38 weeks. They started on the Monday morning with the pessary, pretty sure I had a couple of those. I eventually dilated enough by the Wednesday morning for them to break my waters. Contractions ramped up a lot after that but I still needed the drip (sometime Wednesday evening I think) and had an epidural with it so I could get some much needed rest. DS was born on the Thursday morning without any further intervention. It was long and quite dull in places but the end result was so worth it.

duckyisback Mon 04-Jul-16 07:28:56

I was induced at 37 weeks.

Went in first thing Saturday morning, was monitored for 2 hrs, then had a pessary which started contractions almost immediately, they then left me 6 hours.

When they checked again they said they couldn't give me a second pessary as it would cause me to over contract so gave me a sweep instead. THat stopped everything and I was stuck at 2cm. Which really annoyed me as the contractions seemed quite strong. The next day they inspected me and said I was still only 2 cm so at 10am they sent me to labor ward to have my waters broken.

That did nothing Either hmm so at 7pm I was told to have an epidural (hadn't slept since being in hospital due to anxiety/monitoring) and was put on the drip thingy soon after. Ds was born the following morning at 4.39am smile

I had an episiotomy but I don't know if that was related to the induction or not, ds was big and I am only small. If I did it again I would defiantly not have had the epidural. They said the pain was more intense with induction but the epidural didn't work for most my labor and I found if the same as when I had my dd naturally.

dippypanda Mon 04-Jul-16 07:37:56

I was induced at 42 weeks, had the pessary first, not much happened then the next day they broke my waters, then was put into the drip, active labour started within about 30 seconds of the drip coming through. I had gas and air. Took about 4 hours to get to 10cm diluted before I felt the need to push. Was taken off gas and air for the pushing stage which lasted approx an hour I think and then DD1 was born. So it happened pretty quickly for me, was able to handle the pain with gas and air. My DD was back to back so I was uncomfortable being on the bed so the midwife allowed me to stand next to bed but was unable to walk around due to being hooked up etc. It's better to try and move around as it helps labour progress.

dippypanda Mon 04-Jul-16 07:38:32


Karlakitten1 Mon 04-Jul-16 07:43:41

I was induced at 7.30, they put the pessary in, it sent my body crazy and by 8.30 I was having lower back pain, by 11.30 waters had broken, then contractions went into overdrive and were back to back and couldn't control anything. I wanted an epidural but was too far gone, had baby by 3 O clock in the morning. Mine was too quick and I wish I could remember what happened properly. I think I kept blacking out as I can only remember snippets.

Perpetualstateofchaos Mon 04-Jul-16 07:46:13

I was induced at 37 weeks as my waters with ds2 had broken prematurely. I had the pessary about 2 pm and contractions started about 4. I went to midwife at about 10.30 and was told I was 3cm dilated and contractions were irregular. Of the monitor about 11 and given cocodamol. Went outside as I was so hot nearly collapsed from contraction. Got back up to the ward and ds2 made his very quick and sudden entrance on the ward.

ICJump Mon 04-Jul-16 07:52:52

I had an induction at 42 weeks and it was a joyous empowering birth. I had two lots if gel. It was fast and furious but I felt quite together althought struggled to get comfy until in the birth pool.

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