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Scan at 6 weeks, two sacs only one heartbeat - really want it to be twins!

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misshoohaa Thu 30-Jun-16 11:52:49

I am about 6 week pregnant with my third, and I've had on off bleeding through these first few weeks so my Dr sent me to the EPU for an early scan on Tuesday.
I had an abdominal and then vaginally scan, and they found one sac with feral pole and a little heartbeat, and then after delving around for a bit longer they discovered a second sac with smaller feral pole but no heartbeat. The sonography said it was unlikely that the second sac was a viable baby but I'm back next week to check.
I'm hoping there is someone out there who may have had a similar situation and went on to have twins.
I feel like it is twins, I have always wanted twins and am really hoping I will get them.

misshoohaa Thu 30-Jun-16 11:53:30

Fetal not feral! grin

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