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12 week scan at 11 weeks-ok or too early for NT measurements?

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Snowflakes1122 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:54:51

I'm having my 12 week scan next week at 11 weeks exactly.

Will this be an issue for doing the NT measurements? I know they need to be within a certain time frame, but it was the only appointment i could get.

PhloppysFonics Wed 29-Jun-16 16:56:25

It might be but if it is they will book you in for another scan a week or two later. If baby is in a good position you might be in luck.

TeaBelle Wed 29-Jun-16 16:57:50

The upper limit is very strict but the lower end is a but more flexible as I understand. 11 weeks should be fine

Snowflakes1122 Wed 29-Jun-16 18:23:58

Thanks. Fingers crossed baby is in right position!

Clomidworries Wed 29-Jun-16 20:21:41

Hi I have been for my 12 weeks scan last Sunday. But baby was measuring 11 weeks so they stopped the scan and said that I have to come back in 2 weeks to do the nutchal scan. I got a letter for next scan today in 2 weeks time. But the best thing is in the last scan I saw the heartbeat.
Think if you think they will give you another appointment then go for it.

Andbabymakesthree Thu 30-Jun-16 09:21:17

It says 11 -14 weeks on NHS site. If you are concerned ring the scanning dept.

Tootsie1984 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:44:36

I had my scan on Thursday last week. I was actually 13 weeks but she had said it can be done between 11-14 weeks so you should be OK or they will have you back to have another scan at a later date

Vanillaradio Fri 01-Jul-16 08:46:15

I had mine at what turned out to be 10 weeks and 5 days and it was just too early but they said it would have been fine at 11. They just booked another scan for 2 weeks ahead so the good news is you will see baby twice if it is too earlysmile

Andysgirl15 Fri 01-Jul-16 13:57:48

I had my 12 weeks scan at 11w2d and was told I was just in time for the nt scan. The midwife said it can be done only from 11w2d until 14w1d so I think you will be told to come back

MmmMalbec Sat 02-Jul-16 19:10:43

I had mine at 11 weeks and they got me back at 13 weeks for the NT measurements. Free extra scan was lovely [grim]

Rose1989 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:13:37

I had my 12 week scan last week and turns out I'm only 9 weeks!!! I've got my new 12 weeks scan in 3 weeks time smile

MrsH87 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:47:20

I had mine at 10+5 and sonographer said if I was a day later I'd have been fine. Frustrating because I told my gp I had a long cycle so I wasn't as far along as normal estimate, but she didn't pass this information to the hospital. So have to go back next week... Grr. 11 should be fine. Good luck!

malin100 Wed 06-Jul-16 17:14:20

I had mine at what turned out to be 11+6 (thought I'd be more) and needed to go back the following week. I think it was less than a millimetre too small but it's really strict and they said if it had been the next day (a Saturday though, so couldn't get an appointment then) it would have been fine. Had to go back at 12+6. If it's not an issue for you going twice (with work or childcare etc) then fine, but if it'll be problematic maybe see if you can get one later.

Nahma Sun 10-Jul-16 22:54:54

I had my scan at 11+1 and they were able to do the screening no problem. Worth you going as they may well be able to get it done.

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