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Maternity leave question

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Workinzzz Mon 20-Jun-16 11:29:55

I work in a school on a term time + 2 weeks contract so I have to work all inset days and an extra week. I am trying to figure out what maternity leave might be.

I know I can take up to 52 weeks and holidays are accrued.

My problem is that my pay works like this. I get paid for 41 weeks + 4 weeks (statutory holiday entitlement) and that is then divided over 12 months so I get a pro rata rate every month.

I don't "book holiday days" as these holidays are taken as part of the 11 weeks a year I don't work.

So how do I accrue these days during maternity leave? Do I get to add them on to my maternity leave? Or do I have to be paid for them as I usually am?

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