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Could this be pregnancy

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LilySnape Sun 19-Jun-16 02:39:02

Ive been feeling ill for about a week now mostly during the early hours of the morning then it wears off at about 10am.I thought it was just a stomach upset bit i haven't thrown up yet and my appetite is still normal and apart from breakfast which i cant face at the moment because of the sickness; im eating well im wondering if its early pregnancy about 1-2 weeks ? I finished my last period on the 4th and have had regular intercourse since then but im still wondering if thats too fast to get pregnant after a period ? I had a miscarriage on April 28th at 7 weeks but i didnt even realise i was pregnant until i started bleeding heavily and rushed to hospital. i did an extra sensitive 20miu? Pregnancy test but it came back negative yet the OPK was a faint positive im so confused and just feel so shit laid awake in the early hours like this i wanted to ask on here before bothering the GP

Ginger06 Sun 19-Jun-16 06:02:40

Hello I think it's too soon to say if you are pregnant or not in my opinion give it a few weeks and test. Finger cross for you

Afreshstartplease Sun 19-Jun-16 06:32:20

I felt sick for atleast a week before this pregnancy showed on a test!

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 19-Jun-16 07:04:03

If your cycles are around 28 days long you've probably only just ovulated so unlikely these are pregnancy symptoms

FellOutOfBed2wice Sun 19-Jun-16 07:12:08

In my second pregnancy I knew I was because I felt so sick and had had hyperemesis with my daughter- so I knew the signs. Couldn't get a pregnancy test to agree for a good week but I knew I was right! Wait until your period is due and use a FRER.

kiki22 Sun 19-Jun-16 11:41:59

I get symptoms very early my first full term pregnancy we moved house about 2 weeks after my period I felt tired and sick but put it down to the stress of moving, this time I was feeling tired and sick after a couple of weeks put it down to end of term exams and over indulgence over Xmas.

Both times my due date has been moved forward by 4 days so I obviously ovulate early giving me early symptoms.

LilySnape Sun 19-Jun-16 14:48:36

My cycle was 42 days long after my Miscarriage so im not sure what my body is doing anymore ill re test today and go to GP next week

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