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Could this be the start of labour

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Rachlou88 Tue 14-Jun-16 17:52:12

I'm after some advice on when to know if labour is near which I'm sure has been asked a million times.

I'm 39+4 and the last couple of days I have been having some aches and pains which I'm trying to figure out if labour is starting. Every evening the ache in between my legs gets worse and sometimes spreads to my bum cheeks (sorry if too much info) I get some period like pains which can sometimes last quite a while or only 30-60 seconds and the feeling of needing to go to the loo is more frequent. Are these signs that labour is close or just usual aches and pains.

This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what I should be expecting.


limeandsoda93 Tue 14-Jun-16 20:25:21

Following because I'm having something similar at 37+1.

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