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VENT ALERT. Havent slept in days 37 weeks preg and the rest.

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laurenwiltxx Fri 10-Jun-16 01:09:02

Sorry but need to vent so bad. I have maybe slept four hours since Monday. At the uncomfortable stage now, plus had glandular fever for about 3 weeks which isn't helping cause I cough soo much I have a constant headache, and since Monday, a group of about 25 boys have been sitting outside making as much noise as possible, so I tried closing my windows mainly because there marijuana smoke coming in buy can still here them, smashing glass and destroying sing sets for four days in a row now. No good saying anything its too risky and doesn't do much. Police are not interested and I'm really at my wits end I'm sooooooo tires that I'm not tired if that makes sense. As soon as I get into be I'm sweating like a trooper and my spd starts playing up. Really need a pick me up. Think maybe its because its at the end now and I'm just over reacting or just bad luck?

MrsMarsch Fri 10-Jun-16 01:26:56

I'm 13 weeks, and also a shit sleeper, hence the wide awake at 1.25am reply ;) is there anyone in the house with you? I make my OH come and stroke my head until I fall asleep, it can take ages but works eventually. Failing that, is there anywhere you can go for a nights kip, parents or friends? Sending hugs fellow night owl flowers

laurenwiltxx Fri 10-Jun-16 07:50:54

Yeah he usually put me to sleep but the persistent coughing just wakes me up sad and he has an early start. I managed about 3 hours booooo!! I feel like I need about 30 flowers

f1ddlesticks Fri 10-Jun-16 08:27:23

Can you get some piriton? My midwife said they're fine in pregnancy and their most useful side effect is drowsiness. I use them to sleep sometimes, one knocks me out (and in preg you can take 3 a day, no idea how anyone manages that!). And some wax ear muffles from boots, they mold to your ear and block out sounds pretty well. Bolster yourself up with pillows / cushions for support and see how that goes?

PickledLilly Fri 10-Jun-16 22:16:52

The SPD definitely doesn't help, I'm only 26 weeks but my SPD is so bad I can't sleep because every time I shift about or roll over the pain wakes me up. Pregnancy insomnia is so unfair at a time when you're so knackered and can't sleep! I'm surviving on 2-3 hours a night.

MetalMidget Fri 10-Jun-16 22:43:03

I'm nearly 34 weeks, and haven't been sleeping well for nearly two weeks. My back, hips and knees have been aching for a while, but now I've also got shooting pains in my lower back that goes down my left leg. Want to turn over in bed? ZING! Pain! Want to put on socks? Zing! Want to get up off the sofa? Zing! Want to walk? Zing! Swim? Oh, swimming's fine.... oh, getting out the pool though, that's a bit zingy. Seeing the physio on Monday, but I'm very grumpy and prone to bursting into tears.

Pregnancy is rubbish, seahorses have the right idea...

PickledLilly Fri 10-Jun-16 23:28:00

I hope your physio is more use than the drip I saw!
Me: crippling SPD, can barely walk already even though only 30 odd weeks, constant agony, can't sleep, toddler to look after, job etc, help!

Her: try not to do to much and order your shopping online

Me: hmm

PickledLilly Fri 10-Jun-16 23:28:27

Should say 20 odd weeks obvs

socktastic Sat 11-Jun-16 04:48:34

Huge sympathies Lauren. I'm also 37 weeks and sleep is a complete luxury! Woken up with sore ribs this time and don't know why they're as painful as they are. Yesterday I woe up feeling sick and ended up in the bath at 5am. The result is snoozing on the couch all day then not managing to drop off again at night time! Fingers crossed for smooth quick births very soon!! xx

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