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38wks pregnant, struggling with the wait!

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xSnowy123x Tue 07-Jun-16 13:18:17


Totally new to this, first time mum with a multitude of signs of impending labour. I'm 38+3 and totally fed up with being pregnant now. I have had mild contractions on and off for nearly 2 weeks, increased Braxton hicks also, rythmatic at times, 8 mins apart lasting 1 min for a couple of hours then it stops! angry
I have been nesting like crazy hmm today for instance, I have bleached all my skirting boards in front room, washed and hung curtains, cleaned carpet, window frames and Windows. grin I had my 'show' last Wednesday too, since then all I have had is a dull period type ache in my lower back (back of pelvis) and lower Tummy. Only way to describe it is when you're coming on a heavy period, that icky ache. Saw my midwife yesterday and she said he's fully engaged/ fixed, there's no movement at all. And the dull period type ache Iv got is more than likely my cervix softening. I am completely miserable now, all this time I thought It could be happening and nothing has changed. Yesterday I had a super emotional day, cried at literally anything, then laughing at myself. Hysterically belly laughing the next minute at something not even that funny grin then the next minute I want to murder someone!
Is it normal to be so drawn out like this in the final weeks? I feel like I'm going mad and getting my hopes up! Who else has experienced it? Please tell me I'm not the only 1 wink

xSnowy123x Tue 07-Jun-16 22:38:45


newmummy580 Wed 08-Jun-16 09:35:50

I am fed up of waiting too, I am 39wks and 3days and thought he would be here by now. My house is spotless and I have everything ready but no baby. I can't sleep in anticipation that the baby will come, sounds strange but I am excited for the labour even though I know it's going to be extremely painful! 9 months is a long wait! Now I am getting fed up and moody. I am not good at relaxing! You sound like you are further down the line than me though, I have had no show, no BH, no cramps, nothing!

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