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Pregnant whilst on the coil! Ectopic?

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Tattooedmummy18 Mon 30-May-16 20:57:11

I'm pregnant unexpectedly whilst had the copper coil in place. Already have two children (5yrs and nearly 2) and wasn't planning more. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression and haven't worked (on doctors orders) since October 2015. I have no idea how I'll cope! =|
I've been scanned but they can't locate coil- apparently this is common as it can 'fall out' in heavy bleeding. I have a scan tomorrow to see what's happening and if it's ectopic or normal pregnancy and go from there. Absolutely petrified!

Jenjen85 Mon 30-May-16 21:07:19

I too fell pregnant on the copper coil in November. Was a HUGE shock as didnt want anymore until DD was at school so 2 yrs earlier than we had wanted. I had 3 early scans and they located the coil and it was removed straight away due to the risk of miscarriage and infection. Anyway 26weeks down the line and its finally sunk in and im really happy about it now. I always say things happen for a reason. Try not to worry too much but see your dr if your on meds for your depression as they might have to be altered. Good luck for tomorrow

Tattooedmummy18 Mon 30-May-16 21:22:47

Thanks for your response.
How did they locate the coil? I've had two scans so far (only about 7 weeks though) and they say they can't find it...!
I'm pleased to hear you're doing well and happy. Hopefully I'll get to that point too...

Jenjen85 Mon 30-May-16 21:31:16

The found it by doing an internal scan. It had apparently slipped down so was sat near my cervix so wasnt protecting me. I found out really early when i was around 4weeks so they couldnt see anything and thought it might have been eptopic as id had some pain on my left side. Was scanned around a week later and the tiniest little white blob could be seen so tgey scanned me again 2 weeks later which showed the start of the heartbeat. At my 12 week scan i was a week ahead.

Its a big shock as you dont expect to fall pregnant with the coil in but nothings 100% i guess. It took me a good 2 months to come to terms with the pregnancy and it helped at our 20wk scan finding out what we are having. Iv felt iv bonded more now and im looking forward to meeting our little boy in August grin

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