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Could I be further on?

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Emilyjane96 Sun 29-May-16 21:59:09

25/05/2016 14:24 Emilyjane96


I found out I was pregnant on the 14th of May making me 5+4 today!

However, My period before the one that was due the 14th was rather weird.

Basically, I was due on my period on the 2nd of April but it never came. Me and my partner were trying so we assumed we were pregnant. We took several tests and they all came up negative. So we decided we would wait until my next period.

However, 2 weeks after the 2nd of April on the 16th, I started bleeding, it was like a period but not as heavy as usual and it was over in 2/3 days usually I'm on for 4/5. I must mention I stopped taking the pill at the start of March.

So I put that down to being my period. So I calculated my ovulation days from the day that this 'period' started and we had sex everyday on my ovulation period and then took a test 4 weeks after so on the 14th of May and it came up positive.

What I want to know is, is it possible the bleed on the 16th of April could have been implantation and I'm actually 11 weeks pregnant or is it due to stopping taking the pill?

Any advice I'm grateful for, actually genuienly worried now smile


I'm really freaking out 😩😩

Emilyjane96 Sun 29-May-16 22:09:10

Sorry I'm now 6+1 and still bricking it!!!

Junosmum Sun 29-May-16 23:03:04

The short period could have been implantation bleeding. How strong was your line?

Emilyjane96 Sun 29-May-16 23:08:18

it was quite strong, I took the same test when I fell pregnant with my daughter on the day my period was due and I actually missed the line because of how faint it was. I took this one on the day my period was due and it was very clear. I'm so confused sad

Emilyjane96 Sun 29-May-16 23:08:46

I used the same tests for both I should say

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