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BMI 37 - too big to scan?

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jenjen2587 Tue 24-May-16 18:47:57

So I've had my date through for my dating scan on 16/06. It says about a vaginal scan if you are over-weight. This is my first pregnancy and I have a BMI of just under 37 - I'm 5ft 2 and weight 14st 6lbs. Do you think I will be able to have a 'normal' ultrasound or will they have to go down the other route? blush

2nds Tue 24-May-16 18:49:51

Likely a normal scan I was bigger than you with both of my kids and they scanned me no problem

lilydaisyrose Tue 24-May-16 18:50:07

In my experience of BMI well over 40, at 12w it is perfectly fine to scan to externally. Your photos/images might not be as clear but make sure your bladder is full (pushes the uterus up and out I think) is your best bet.

I had a private reassurance scan at 9w3d and got a good image and photo.

MimiLeBonk Tue 24-May-16 20:16:47

I had a scan 3 times a week during pregnancy at bigger than you because of issues. It wasn't a problem!

HomeGeekHome Tue 24-May-16 20:21:04

I think my bmi was about that with Ds3. Just normal scans, they did sometimes press a bit harder with the thingy (technical term) and on one report it was noted "suboptimal image due to maternal bmi" which the consultant said was both factually incorrect and rude but never had to have dildo cam (also technical term)

OhIfIMust Tue 24-May-16 20:29:25

My BMI is 31 and I had to have a rescan of my 20 weeks scan due to "maternal adiposity" which means too much fat. I shrugged it off because I actually had about 10 scans that pregnancy including one at 5.5 weeks where they didn't even have to do an internal one to find the teeny tiny embryos heartbeat. So whatevs. They can get poor pictures for loads of reasons like due to bowel gas obstruction, and even according to one sonographer, because the older you get the less "scannable" you are. Sounds a bit bollocks to me! So I reckon you'll be fine with a normal scan anyway x

Ilovewillow Tue 24-May-16 20:46:54

I would think you'll be fine! I wanted to let you know though a vaginal scan really isn't awful - I had several rounds of IVF and they use vaginal scanning early in as ordinary scanning doesn't pick up the foetus as its too small! It wasn't nearly as bad as a smear test so don't worry!

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Tue 24-May-16 20:49:26

My BMI is 38, and I had no issues with abdominal scans at 9, 12 or 20 weeks. Pictures were never very good though.

whiteychappers Wed 25-May-16 10:53:04

Don't worry about having a vaginal scan, I had o have one so they could check a polyp at the same time, wasn't painful or uncomfortable and got clearer pictures, you also have the added bonus of not having to worry about drinking water before hand x

LadyAntonella Wed 25-May-16 10:57:09

I had a bmi of around 24 when I had my first scan with DD but had to have a vaginal one! Think we had it at ten weeks though. Maybe that made a difference. It was fine! Nothing to worry about if you do end up having one.

Marquand Wed 25-May-16 11:10:44

At my 12 week scan (BMI 35) the doctor tried an abdominal scan, but bean was simply not being cooperative, and did not want to reveal anything. I ended up with a vaginal scan. No issues whatsoever. If the service provider is professional, there is nothing to worry about (apart from what the scan would reveal).

Vampishtortoise Wed 25-May-16 11:12:50

I agree with others, I have a high bmi and was scanned at 12 and 20 weeks absolutely fine with the normal ultrasound. I have had the vaginally scan at 6 weeks 6 days due to early bleeding and this was fine and not at all as scary as it sounded.

Xmasbaby11 Wed 25-May-16 11:14:26

I have a high bmi. I had lots of scans through two pregnancies and all were fine.

Hope all goes well for you.

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Wed 25-May-16 11:39:14

I did end up having loads of vaginal scans because of issues with my cervix (I think in the end I had five) and really they are fine. They're very keen to make sure you don't feel uncomfortable about it.

SaraC8 Wed 25-May-16 11:52:14

I'm 5'3 and weighed about the same as you or more for my first scan and was totally fine. Got my 20 week one next week but have lost weight since then, will see what happens then! I'm sure you'll be fine smile

Hersetta427 Wed 25-May-16 11:55:12

My BMI is bigger than yours and although I had an internal scan at 8 weeks, all the others were 'normal' method.

CarrotVan Thu 26-May-16 12:04:39

Internal scans are nothing to worry about (I've had 7 I think and my BMI is 22) but you should be fine. Also a number of larger hospitals have bariatric ultrasound machines for larger patients where a clear image is really important.

scienceteachergeek Fri 27-May-16 12:02:41

Firstly, internal scans are fine. They lube them up and you're so busy looking at the screen you don't even notice it. I've had numerous internals checking for ovulation.

Secondly, I have a BMI of 37. My clearest scans have been when I've had a full bladder...and rectum blush! I figured if the front and back ends were full then the baby (or babies in my case) would be pushed up higher!

I told the midwife this and she thought it was hilarious, but also a great idea. I did the same for my 16 week checkup in case she wanted to hear heartbeats with the doppler. They were heard really clearly smile

Enjoy your scan smile

missybct Fri 27-May-16 12:09:06

Internal scans - I had two at 6 and 9 weeks, but was told they could have done an abdominal one at 9 weeks fine, they just preferred to show me a clearer view.

I had a booking in BMI of 37, and I've had no issue with scans. They aren't the clearest, but I've been reliably told it's because our little boy is camera shy and wiggles alot grin

Osirus Fri 27-May-16 12:23:56

I was going to say, internal scans are really nothing to worry about. I've had loads (IVF) and they are not painful at all. Good luck! Your scan is on my due date.

Liss85 Sat 28-May-16 17:12:56

I had an abdominal scan at 9 weeks that worked fine and got a very clear 12 week scan with a BMI of 43. I also carry most of my weight around the middle.

Floppityflop Sat 28-May-16 17:21:53

Internals are fine. The thing might look like a giant c**k but they use plenty of lube.

lilydaisyrose Tue 31-May-16 09:06:16

I wanted to post back here to say that I had an external scan yesterday at 12w 3d at BMI approx 48. It was absolutely fine - good (if a bit fuzzy) images and had to kind of lift my lower tummy around a bit at sonographer's instructions, but all good. If I can be scanned I'm sure most people can!

jenjen2587 Fri 03-Jun-16 21:13:07

Thanks everyone some of your comments have really made me smile and giggle! haha! A week Thursday until my scan so only time will tell however if I do have an internal I won't feel so bad now lol! Esp remembering it as a giant c***/dildo! HAHAHA! I will keep you all posted :-)

jenjen2587 Thu 16-Jun-16 17:37:47

Hi all, Just wanted to say I had my first scan today and there wasnt a cc cam in sight :-) everything was good although found out I am only 8+5 therefore Ive gotta to go back on 13/07 for another one but it means I get to see the peanut again :-) was amazing to see and see the heartbeat makes everything so exciting :-) x

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