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Can't handle the pain anymore

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FedUpOfPregnancy Sun 22-May-16 16:15:06

I'm 27 weeks pregnant today, and although in genuinely thrilled to be having baby number 2, after 2 miscarriages, I'm just so done with the amount of pain I'm in.

I've had PGP since 15 weeks, due to the sheer amount of pregnancy hormones I had in my system. I'm now on 30mg/500mg of co-codamol and quite literally, bed bound.
I can't walk more than 20 paces without wanting to vomit from the pain, the only comfy position is lying down on my side, and the drugs are just making me drowsy and reducing the pain from a 10 to an 8.
I have a 2 year old who's non-verbal and non-comprehensive of language and Autistic, and he is extremely demanding.
I'm thanking all my lucky stars that my Husband is a SAHD so is here with us both 24/7. I just feel it's getting too much for him. He's having to look after me, and our little boy and I just feel so useless.
He's not complained once, and is absolutely fantastic and so supportive and understanding, I just feel so guilty. I'm leaving him to do everything whilst I essentially lie in bed on the verge of tears. This has been going on for three weeks now. (That's when the pain reached this level, up until then I'd been vaguely able to deal with it)

I have a support band for my hips and stomach, so the few times I've had to go out (midwife, doctors etc) I've worn that, but it doesn't do much good tbh. Physio and massage is a no go because I have Fibromyalgia, and my Doctor strongly advised against it. (I did try it though, and he was definitely right - it hurt. A lot. sad)

I just don't know how to go another 13 weeks like this. I've got so much to do in terms of house work, and prepping for the new arrival, but I physically cannot do it.

Did anyone here get admitted to hospital for this level of pain? Did they offer anything stronger? I'm just at a complete loss as to what to do.

Thank you flowers

FedUpOfPregnancy Sun 22-May-16 16:57:40

Anyone offer any help or similar experience??

lizzywig Sun 22-May-16 18:43:17

I sympathise and really do understand, although I've not been sick from the pain and I'm not quite bed bound so I can only imagine the extent that you describe.

I've had PGP and pregnancy related sciatica since 8 weeks (also had it in my first pregnancy) and am now 34 weeks. I have been off work for the last month because it's so severe and I don't expect to go back to work until after my maternity leave sad

I have been having physio since 12 weeks and because of the severity my physiotherapist referred me for hydrotherapy. I wonder if this might be compatible with your fibro - incidentally I know a couple of people with fibro who also had PGP and they dealt with the pain with long hot baths and massage. Might your doctor be able to refer you for hydro, it's not like physio at all and is very gentle. Mostly you sit in the pool and float around. I have also found hot water bottles to be a godsend as well as sitting on my birthing ball. My physio suggested I roll a tennis ball down the area where it hurts whilst learning against a wall. You might find this helps. My physio was also able to give me crutches but I've heard of people being wheelchair bound! I do think you should ask about this. Useful tips - for turning in bed at night, clench your buttocks and try to do you pelvic floor at the same time. If you are turning left then use your right arm to help you do so by pointing in that direction with your right arm and then vice versa if you are turning right. Make sure you do your pelvic floor exercises - these help a bit. Try to move as much as you can, my physio said this is vital or you cease up completely - as much as it hurts she was right.

As for the guilt - I get this massively. I have a preschooler and my husband is doing everything and he works full time. We've also just moved house so he's trying to get it ready for when the baby comes - no storage! He is beyond exhausted but there's nothing that I can really do besides from doing sitting down things. Through my searches of desperation I have come across this article which has helped me emotionally a bit. It made me realise what other people are going through and my husband read it to gain a better understanding.

I do think you should ask your doctor about hydro or at least just go and float in a swimming pool. I really hope that your pain improves.

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