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Possible GD

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PhloppysFonics Thu 19-May-16 09:05:43

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and at booking appointment at 8 weeks I was told urine was fine.

I was feeling really thirsty and told midwife then, also told the doctor at 6 weeks but told nothing to worry about.

However, I am still really thirsty all the time, especially through the night and between 11-2 during the day. I don't drink much in the morning as the sensation goes away but then its like it catches up with me and I have to swig almost non stop because my mouth is so dry. I'm trying to drink more regularly to stop this in the hope that it just that I'm not getting enough fluid throughout the day.

I am also weeing all the time, 6 times a night for the last two nights, before that about 4 times a night.

Background is that I do wee a lot anyway and have always been a night time wee-er and I am not a great drinker of fluid, I have to make a concious effort. Maybe that is a factor.

Am I right to be worried? Or am I over thinking it? I have a midwife appointment in 2 weeks. Should I just wait? Or do I need to see the doctor?

I am also worried now about what to eat. I have already eaten a normal breakfast and I'm still really hungry! But I'm thinking I should try to eat well and get some exercise in case it is GD then at least I'm not putting myself in danger. However, I have been eating lots of smaller meals/snacks rather than meals as such. The info I've just read about GD said its not necessary to snack!! But I am so hungry and know I can't wait another 3 hours till lunch!!

I will try to make sure that I snack healthily though.

Sorry that this post is a complete loads of ramblings, but if anyone could give me some advice or reassurance id appreciate it!

I'm not normally a worrier but this is making me worry!

seven201 Thu 19-May-16 09:15:48

I'm no expert but more weeing in very common and the desire to drink more is to do with our bodies needing more fluid. That's what I thought anyway. I definitely was very thirsty and weeing constantly in the first trimester and since. Also, (I'm not sure if I've made this up) I though gd didn't generally show up until quite a bit later on in pregnancy eg 20 weeks ish. I'm no expert though...

Brieandstilton Thu 19-May-16 09:20:59

I had GD twice, and neither time had any symptoms at all. I assume you'll be providing a urine sample at each midwife appointment, which will show up any signs. Otherwise if your midwife thinks you're at risk, you'll be sent for the test. I wouldn't change eating habits or anything at this stage. If you're hungry eat. Yes, being as healthy as possible is wise, but that's the case for everybody.

Georgeofthejungle Thu 19-May-16 09:36:55

Is this your first pregnancy?

All sounds normal to me. Go eat something!

KayTee87 Thu 19-May-16 10:16:06

Sounds normal to me. I was incredibly thirsty in early pregnancy and weed all the time. Still pretty much the same at 31 weeks. I had a glucose tolerance test due to a family history of diabetes and I 'passed' it.
If you're hungry eat something and if you're thirsty drink something. Don't go without because you're worried about something you most likely won't have.
Usually if you have any risk factors eg high bmi, family history, sugar found in urine, gaining an excessive amount of weight etc. they will test you anyway.

PhloppysFonics Thu 19-May-16 14:34:01

No! Not my first pregnancy. I'm totally laid back about it all ... apart from this morning! The sleep deprivation from all the night time weeing doesn't help! grin

Thank you all for your advice, I'm sure it's fine and I'll be checked out soon anyway.

I have eaten when hungry and I've not been eating as much sugary crap as I was pre pregnancy anyway so I'll just try keep eating well and not stressing.

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Thu 19-May-16 15:56:21

On the snack point - I do have GD and have been advised by my consultant to snack - eating small amounts regularly helps to keep blood sugars stable. So I definitely wouldn't worry about that!

unimagmative13 Thu 19-May-16 16:04:04

Don't change anything you are doing!!

You wouldn't want to cause a hypo by self diagnosis.

Call the midwife if you have concerns.

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