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Abdominal cramps

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Jessicacacaca Sun 15-May-16 19:32:09

Hello everybody,
This is my first post but I'd like to know if anybody has been through something similar.
I've had abdominal pains for the past 2 weeks, they're quite severe. I went to my GP who took a urine sample, had a phone call last week asking to see me. A multi resistant germ was found and I was sent to the hospital as he couldn't prescribe a safe antibiotic. The hospital listened to the baby's heartbeat, all was okay but said I wasn't showing the usual symptoms of an infection such as burning and getting up through the night so they wouldn't prescribe anything. They took another sample and said they would check again, this was on Wednesday.
Since then I've been off work as it's so painful, it hurts when moving, standing, even laughing hurts. There's also sharp pains that come on at any time that cause me to double over in pain.
I'm just over 16 weeks, has anybody been through something similar?

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