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conception help

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lminch1990 Fri 13-May-16 18:02:18

I have asked this question before .. but my recent scan has threw me again -_- i had an early scan on the 30th of march which put me at 8 weeks gestation with a edd of 7/11/16 i asked people when i would of likely concieved frm sex in 30th of jan or on the 14th febuary ... which did put my mind at ease ... but i had my "12 week" scan yesterday 12 of may which put me as 15 weeks gestation with a edd of 3/11/16 ... from the conception calculaters online it says likely concieved 8th of feb to the 11th of feb which dont make sense as i didnt have sex with anyone in them dates nt even 6 days b4 which they say sperm can live by ... is it possible the baby is just big and the dates were thrown im even more confused now tbh i have my ovulation dates wrote down for febuary which were between the 13th and 16th of feb as a rough estimate frm going period so im.sure i should of had period 1st week of feb to of known that or was it implation bleeding but that would of mean concieved b4 then sorry i know its confusing i just need more advice not a bashing thanks in advance xx

PeaceLoveAndDiscoBiscuits Fri 13-May-16 18:31:55

It's all educated guesswork. Do you have a perfect 28 day cycle?

PeaceLoveAndDiscoBiscuits Fri 13-May-16 18:32:59

And don't forget that in the first two weeks of your pregnancy, you're not actually pregnant. I know it's a mind fuck.

lminch1990 Fri 13-May-16 18:49:58

Yes im normally quite regular tbh ... yes i know about the 2 week things so im technically 13 weeks from conception which takes me to the 11th of feb which dont make sense as no sex was going on around that date xx

ShowOfHands Fri 13-May-16 18:53:16

Scans can be out to within 5 or so days either way. They can't tell you the date you conceived. So if you've got a conception date from scan of Feb 11th, you conceived around then. Probably between 6th and 16th of Feb.

lminch1990 Fri 13-May-16 19:03:08

Ok then thanku for ur reply x

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