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varicose veins down there...

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LimesMum Mon 09-May-16 21:43:33

I know I've been on here about this before but I feel it's getting so much worse!

Warning TMI....

I'm 31 weeks now and one side of my vagina is a mass of varicose veins inside and out, so much so I feel also like I have male genitalia now!!

I wear an amazing support garment that helps but it's now very tight and not the most comfortable. When I take it off I literally cannot stand or walk for more then 2 minutes

The consultant and midwife and GP all day don't worry it's fine and won't cause a problem however they have all seen it when I've been sat in the waiting area and it's not half as bad. It's standing that seems to make it awful.

I'm just getting increasingly uncomfortable and can't imagine what is going to happen when I'm giving birth?! I'm told it's not an issue??...

If anyone has any advice/reassurance/tips I'd be most grateful!


stephssis Mon 09-May-16 22:05:01

Hey! My sister just alerted me to this post saying "she needs you" haha. She knows about the veins down there issue I had because obviously nothing is tmi for me. Anywaaaay. I can offer you total reassurance. When I first started suffering from them I told my midwife who didn't quite believe me because she said she had never seen it in a first time mum before. My symptoms were 100% as you described, particularly bad on standing. I couldn't go for all those lovely pre-baby walks my husband and I had planned because a few minutes into the walk id be uncomfortable and in pain. They got pretty OUTRAGEOUS. I think I had an extreme case. Even though I am not overweight and had a smaller than average bump. I had to call in sick after I walked home on my lunch break once because I literally could not stand up I was so swollen. I was terrified of what would happen giving birth. Anyway, long story short. They did not affect my delivery at all and literally disappeared as soon as I gave birth. Hope this is reassuring for you!

LimesMum Tue 10-May-16 21:47:33

Thanks so much, this sounds reassuring!! Mine is definitely also an extreme case, it's just awful!!

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