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Need help with maternity allowance form

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Deardinah Mon 11-Apr-16 09:59:35

I'm so confused over my maternity allowance and don't know who I can talk to about it.
I was in full time employment until 9th Jan 2016, now I work P/T and only make £100 p/w £12 under the threshold for SMP.
I'm due to have my baby on the 13th June and start M/L on the 6th.
I'm trying to apply for my MA, but it says 'you must claim within 3 months of the date your MA period or 14week period is due to start'
I don't understand what this period is, is it my 'test period' if so that started on the 28th February, so I'm going to be late with my application am I?
I'm so worried I'm going to be without any money for the start of my maternity leave. I just didn't know I wasn't able to claim SMP this time sad
Also it asks for payslips from the 13th weeks from my test period.
My test period works out at 8/3/16 and 14/5/16 I get paid monthly so have monthly payslips and obviously don't have Mays payslip yet so, if I was supposed to claim 3months before my baby is due how can I give them these payslips?
I'm so confused, can anybody help or tell me who to call for help?
Thank you.

AveEldon Mon 11-Apr-16 10:07:25
More info above

The 14 week period is the 14 weeks they will pay you MA for if you don't qualify for the full 39 weeks of MA
ie it is when you start maternity leave

primarynoodle Tue 12-Apr-16 08:04:57

You dont mention being self employed so im assuming you are applying for the 39 week allowance:
1) your test period is in the 66 weeks before baby is due so make sure ALL of the payslips you provide are from when you were earning more money!!! (I think its 13 weeks worth of payslips) because you will get more maternity allowance
2) when it says before your MA is due to start it means when you intend to leave work and claim MA - this bit confused the hell out of me but youre fine. I would say as long as claim is submitted by end of april if you intend to start MA at end of may you will be fine

Any more qs please ask

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