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disappearing symptoms 7 weeks pregnant

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user1459400012 Thu 31-Mar-16 05:58:09

Hi ladies. I know this has been posted about so many times but I'm just so worried. I'm 7 weeks pregnant from IVF and have had symptoms up until now. I've had slight nausea, exhaustion, hunger, frequent peeing, sore boobs and swollen boobs and cramps. Gradually this past 5 days my symptoms have gone. This morning my last symptom, sore boobs, have also gone and they feel normal. So I don't feel anything at all!! I'm so worried of miscarriage I've had 2 already I can't face another one at the point. I have 1 week until my viability scan and I'm convinced there's gonna be nothing there or no heartbeat.
Does anyone remember having this and having a good pregnancy xxx

LittleLionMansMummy Thu 31-Mar-16 13:56:03

Hi op, I understand how worried you must be in your situation but please do try to stay calm. I had only slight nausea just before I got my bfp with ds1 and then nothing until the 3rd trimester - even that was just a bit of heartburn and weeing more often. I remember worrying about the same in my first trimester as I'd prepared myself for morning sickness, sore boobs, the lot. The pregnancy was a breeze, as was childbirth (relatively speaking) and ds is now a fantastic 5yo!

I'm 6+3 and have likewise have had very little to report. Got every symptom going after I ov'd and now just sore boobs - no nausea, nothing. I do have some pulling/ tugging lower left hand side and have a scan on Sat to rule out ectopic.

LittleLionMansMummy Thu 31-Mar-16 13:58:36

Forgot to say, it could just be that your body is finally adjusting to being pregnant. If no cramping or bleeding, your body and your baby are probably just getting on and doing their thing!

sharon2016 Thu 31-Mar-16 14:02:06

I was the same as you about 1 weeks ago, everything seemed to be slowing down. For a few days I felt 'normal'. The hormones are well and truly back now though, feel awful and stomach feels like a washing machine!! Your hormones level off every few days, so try not too worry too much.

I have booked in an early private scan next week to put all my worries at rest. It was only £90 and all goes smoothly it will have been worth the spend to put my mind at ease. Maybe you could consider that too?

notinagreatplace Thu 31-Mar-16 14:05:54

I had a bit of a panic at 6w4d when I had some bleeding - my IVF clinic was happy to move my scan a bit earlier. Perhaps it's worth asking yours to do this?

Having said that, I think it's easy to think that everyone gets loads of symptoms - all the women I know IRL have talked at length about their sickness, etc, but I've never had any of that.

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