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Can't sleep

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Flowzer Tue 22-Mar-16 10:08:58

Hi all...I'm 9 weeks and haven't slept a wink for the last 4 nights. I have ME/CFS so am exhausted all the time anyway, but just about cope as long as I have had a decent nights sleep (I have a 4 yr old to look after during the day).

Any tips for me? I have a cupboard full of remedies, herbal and otherwise that usually get me through these patches...but obviously all are out of the window for now! No idea what to do!

suspiciousofgoldfish Thu 24-Mar-16 00:40:17

Didn't want to leave this un replied - this sounds awful, you poor thing!

I don't have experience of your medical conditions but have had severe insomnia - four days without sleep sounds very severe.

I would go and see your GP as they may be able to give you something to help that won't harm the baby. They may also recommend CBT which I found helped my sleep issues.

You can take Bach Night Rescue remedy when pregnant apparently. I use it sometimes and it does help me get off to sleep.

You will sleep eventually as your body will simply have to at some point but as you are pg I would see the doctor.

Don't suffer on your own, going days without a wink of sleep is something your doctor should be able to help with.

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