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Having a fun night ...

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KayTee87 Thu 17-Mar-16 01:39:40

Have terrible sickness and diarrhoea, no idea if it's pregnancy related or not. My poor husband is having to empty my sick bucket down the other toilet and bring it back to me because I'm scared to leave the toilet. It's the first time I've ever allowed him in the bathroom when I'm doing more than a pee - dignity completely out the window. Feel like I might not mind as much if I have an accident during child birth now.

VimFuego101 Thu 17-Mar-16 02:27:10

Is this a new thing or have you had it throughout pregnancy? If it's new, it sounds like a bug. Make sure you stay hydrated.

sepa Thu 17-Mar-16 03:09:08

Have you had your flu jab?
It sounds like a bug or food poisoning rather than pregnancy related.
Try and stay hydrated!

Hope it passes quickly OP.

Ps - it's amazing what a fab guy will do for you (my OH did a lot more ick things for me during and after my LO birth). Unfortunately it can be part of being pregnant

Junosmum Thu 17-Mar-16 07:58:26

Unfortunately there's a few d&v bugs going round. Just try and keep yourself hydrated. If you are struggling to keep water down get your husband to buy some cheap sugary ice lollies, the water/sugar combo plus the slow trickle will hydrate you and keep your energy up with out making you more sick.

As for the loss of dignity, just think of it as a dry run for labour, ain't no dignity there, and there's more than just your other half yo witness it. envy

KayTee87 Thu 17-Mar-16 09:26:31

VimFuego101 - I had plenty of sickness the first trimester and have had on and off digestive problems but the severity and suddenness of this makes me think it's a bug.
sepa - had my flu jab thankfully can't imagine how bad flu would be whilst pregnant. Hopefully just a 24 hour bug sad
Junosmum- I didn't think I'd ever want to eat again but I actually really fancy and orangey ice lolly now you've said that. DH away to work. Might text my mum and see if she feels sorry for me.

I had to actually call in sick today which I hate because it just means more work for me over the weekend or whenever I can catch up. I'm logged in at home but can't get much done for obvious reasons.

This is the third day I've had off sick since getting pregnant sad

becksmumtobe Thu 17-Mar-16 14:31:43

Hi kaytee,how are you feeling now?
I'm in the same boat at the minute 18+5 and have been sick since Tuesday night,ended up at the doctors where he gave me some anti sickness tablets as I can't even keep water down...confused
Horrible feeling isn't it,my dp has been lovely even though I hate him seeing me head over toilet bowl!!
Really fancying some ice lollies now...hmm

KayTee87 Thu 17-Mar-16 15:10:25

Becks I feel a bit better now, keeping water down and managed a couple of plain biscuits. I'm just so tired and headachey now.
Sorry you've been so ill flowers

becksmumtobe Thu 17-Mar-16 15:27:16

That's good then,I've heard arrow root biscuits are really good but I haven't been able to get out and get some,rich tea have been good to just nibble on tho,even if they do come back up soon after!
I've not been sick since this morning so hoping these tablets are doing the job!
Hope you feel much better soon thanks

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